Weather Forecast for Palm Springs, CA

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Mostly Sunny
Mostly Sunny
High Temperature: 88 °F
Low Temperature: 63 °F

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Chance Rain Showers
Chance Rain Showers
High Temperature: 84 °F
Low Temperature: 57 °F

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Partly Sunny
Partly Sunny
High Temperature: 73 °F
Low Temperature: 54 °F

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Mostly Sunny
Mostly Sunny
High Temperature: 80 °F
Low Temperature: 60 °F

Monday, April 28th, 2014

High Temperature: 90 °F
Low Temperature: 66 °F

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

High Temperature: 92 °F
Low Temperature: 66 °F
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Convention Sales & Services

We look forward to helping you host your next group or convention in Greater Palm Springs and encourage you to let us know how we may assist in any way. Should you have questions regarding group bookings, site visits, rates, or just general information, please contact the sales professional that best serves your location. We look forward to seeing you soon in Greater Palm Springs!

Scott White
President and CEO
800-967-3767 x 1302
Years in the Industry: 24

Convention Sales

Rick Blackburn
Vice President of Convention Sales & Services
800-967-3767 x 1304
Years in the Industry: 30

Robert R. Osterberg, CMP
Director of Convention Sales & Services
800-967-3767 x 1305
Specialty Accounts & Sports 
Years in the Industry: 23

Tammy Bucklin
Associate Director of Sales
800-967-3767 x 1314
Southern California - San Diego North through Orange County and Conference Direct [SoCal]
Years in the Industry: 23

Vicki Keyser
Associate Director of Sales
800-967-3767 x 1313 
Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Western Canada
Years in the Industry: 27

Lynne M. Bowis
Regional Director of Sales
North East and Maryland
Phone: 760-969-1365
Fax: 760-770-9001
Cell: 301-404-0040 
Northeast and Eastern Canada
Years in the Industry: 16

Michelle Morgan
Director of Regional Sales
Washington, DC
Phone: 760-969-1366
Fax: 760-770-9001
Washington DC and Virginia
Years in the Industry: 13

Suzanne Aed
National Sales Manager
Specialty Markets, Religious, Entertainment (National) and Helms Briscoe [SoCal]
Years in the Industry: 11

Matt Bark
National Sales Manager
800-967-3767 x 1332
Southern California - Long Beach North
Years in the Industry: 31

Steve Lee

National Sales Manager
800-967-3767 x 1312
Years in the Industry: 22

Joanne Yanovick
National Sales Manager
800-967-3767 x 1321
Years in the Industry: 16

Lucy Martinez
Destination Sales Manager
800-967-3767 x 1315
Years in the Industry: 16

Administrative Support

Cindi Sanchez
Senior Sales Administrative Assistant
Rob Osterberg
800-967-3767 x 1325

Celia Garcia
Convention Sales Administrative Assistant
Lynne Bowis, Lucy Martinez, and Suzanne Aed
800-967-3767 x 1323

Carla Perry
Convention Sales Administrative Assistant
Michelle Morgan, Joanne Yanovick, and Steve Lee
800-967-3767 x 1316 

Daune Sherff
Convention Sales Administrative Assistant
Tammy Bucklin and Vicki Keyser
800-967-3767 x 1324

Destination Services

Jan Drover
Destination Services Manager
800-967-3767 x 1317

Amber Brown
Destination Services Manager
800-967-3767 x 1311

Sarah Goslin
Destination Services Coordinator
800-967-3767 x 1320