The Destination Services Department is responsible for the planning and execution of events, sales missions, trade shows, sites, FAMs, sponsorship fulfillment and portions of CVB-hosted events in support of CVB sales, partnership and administrative activities. The Department also organizes, and oftentimes executes, pre-booking and pre-planning sites for the Convention Sales team as well as spearheading the Site Experience Program. Client Servicing and partner referrals round out the general duties of the department.

Ultimately, Destination Services strives to provide exceptional service levels, seamless transition from sales to services, brand messaging consistency throughout all programs, and creativity to best highlight Greater Palm Springs both within and outside of the destination.

2019 Objectives, Goals, and Key Strategies

As the CVB Departments continue to increase client engagement opportunities, the need for Destination Service assistance also increases. Because of these initiatives the department anticipates a 5% increase over 2018 in program management. This will result in 59 programs encompassing 113 events bringing monthly event planning to 9.5 events per month.

  • Greater Palm Springs Branded Events

    Working closely with Brand Department, messaging will be visually and tactically represented at all events so that client and partners, after attending a CVB Program, will know and feel the Greater Palm Springs brand. This will be accomplished by use of the following:

    • Fashioning client events around our brand pillars; specifically, Health & Wellness and Outdoor Adventure
    • Templated marketing and collateral material designs
    • Venues that align with the Greater Palm Springs brand in terms of unique spaces, views of the outdoors and high levels of service quality
    • Custom menus, when available, using foods that are indigenous to the Coachella Valley
    • Beverage offerings with product from our local breweries and distillery and/or custom drink menus
    • Amenities that not only are aligned with the event, but have a tie back to the destination
    • After its successful debut at IMEX America in October of 2018, the newly designed booth – a midcentury modern home – will be featured at IPW in May of 2019 and again at IMEX in September of 2019


    Oasis Awards Table 2018

  • An Enhanced Site Experience

    In 2018, Destination Services and Convention Sales revamped the entire Site Experience process, spearheaded by the Associate Director of Destination Services and an outside consultant.

    The program revisions included:

    • A name change from Site Inspection to Site Experience
    • A complete overhaul of the internal procedure for organizing the experience
    • Introduction of post site surveys, taken by the meeting planner and evaluating how the hotel properties executed their portion of the site experience
    • A secondary survey, taken by the meeting planner, evaluating the CVB staff on executing their portion of the site experience
    • The introduction of custom post-site thank you amenities for the meeting planners
    • Transfer of the planning and execution of pre-planning sites from the Destination Services Managers to the Site Experience team

    Ongoing Site Experience program plans for 2019 include:

    • Development of formalized quarterly reporting to hotels and CVB staff on performance metrics
    • Introduction of a recognition program for those properties that excel as evidenced by survey results
    • CVB hosting of the first “Destination Site Experience Assessment” forum in which the CVB, clients, hotel partners, DMC and attraction representatives will help us improve this program

    As a result of these changes, we anticipate the number of sites the team will be responsible for planning will increase by 15% to a total of 137 with a conversion rate goal of 90%.

  • On-Demand Client Services Resources on Website

    Convention Sales clients, both prior to and after booking their meeting, oftentimes require assistance from the CVB. This type of assistance can range from access to marketing materials, connecting planners with local resources, organizing pre-planning sites and a variety of additional services.

    As such, the Destination Services section of the website has been completely revamped. Clients now have the ability to access information, request materials and contact the team through the following links:

  • Personalized Attention and Services

    With over 200 personalized service requests and more than 917 partner referrals in 2018, Destination Services is positioned for 2019 to provide exemplary levels of service. We anticipate this personalized attention will directly impact booking, and re-booking, of meetings in Greater Palm Springs.

    • Customized microsites: The CVB will create custom microsites for qualifying meeting clients. These custom sites will help meeting planners promote their upcoming meetings to attendees as well as promote the attributes of Greater Palm Springs. Research demonstrates that part of the decision to attend includes meetings that are held in unique and interesting locations. By providing this service, the CVB assists meeting clients with increasing their meeting attendance as well as promoting Greater Palm Springs.
    • Welcome videos: The CVB will create, for qualifying clients upon request, a custom welcome video. This video is played at a current meeting to announce the destination as the following year’s host destination. The video will feature shots of the destination with a final slide welcoming “Group XYZ” to Greater Palm Springs in “Month of 2019”.
    • Safety information: Event and event attendee safety is an increasing, and important, concern for meeting planners. Safety information, tips and resources will be introduced to this section of the website in 2019.