The CVB will continue to grow the volume of consumer engagement on the VisitGreaterPS social media channels, as well as on the dineGPS and VisitCADeserts social channels in 2019. Working alongside Sparkloft, a contracted social media agency, the CVB will focus on delivering a mix of branded, authentic and influencer content. Engaging videos, user-generated content, advertisements and experiences will be distributed to targeted social media users through organic and paid social media.

Understanding the social trends in 2019 of meaningful, personal interactions and the value of storytelling though video and industry influencers, the CVB will tailor content to fit these shifts in social media. Personalized experiences will include proactive engagement and community management on each platform, instant replies in Facebook messenger, and Twitter Chats. Instagram Stories will dominate organic and paid social opportunities. The CVB will look toward live streaming opportunities for a more engaging video experience as well as utilize social channel-specific videos.

In 2019, the CVB will implement a plan for increased engagement, video views and growth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by prioritizing the following objectives:

  • Increase destination and brand awareness: The CVB will measure success of increasing awareness of Greater Palm Springs as a year-round destination in key markets with impressions and video views. As social platforms shift, the CVB will focus less on organic publishing to reach new fans and instead prioritize community management opportunities including Twitter Chats and live streaming. The CVB will also shift from traditional Facebook ads to ad experiences,  such as Instant Experience ads, that interactively introduce the brand to new and existing fans.
  • Drive demand for experiences: With the goal of expanding interest of Greater Palm Springs and the unique activities offered in the destination, the CVB will measure social media engagements and video views. The CVB will also engage influencers to promote experiences in Greater Palm Springs. Veering away from influencers with big followings to promote the destination, we will look to work more with micro- and nano-influencers. These influencers focus on a specific niche or area and have the effect of a friend making a recommendation, leading their followers to trust them more than they trust traditional influencers.
  • Maximize the visitor experiences: The CVB will monitor sentiment reporting to measure the affinity and advocacy of fans and their Greater Palm Springs experiences.

Utilizing those objectives, our 2019 social media goals are as follows:

2019 Facebook Goals

Fans 370K
Impressions 9.3M
Video Views


Website Clicks 80K



2019 Instagram Goals

Fans 25K
Impressions 6.2M
Video Views 1M
Engagement 500K


2019 Twitter Goals

Fans 45K
Impressions 5M
Video Views 500K
Website Clicks 22K
Engagement 20K


2019 YouTube Goals

Subscribers 3,302
Video Views 6.5M


  • Content Strategy

    The CVB is focusing on Health & Wellness, Outdoor Adventure, Arts & Culture and Summer Chill as campaign pillars for 2019. These content pillars hold rich stories waiting to be unfolded on social media. The CVB will approach each of these as a campaign that will include ad types to best capture target audiences. Ad types include: Instant experience, Instagram Story ads, Conversion Ads and Video View ads. The CVB will continue to develop social channels to have more consistent, timely and relevant content that inspires travelers to experience Greater Palm Springs.

  • Video Strategy

    The CVB strategy includes prioritizing video over other content types. In 2019, we will ensure that only channel-specific video sizing and lengths are published. With the average watch time being 12 seconds of all videos, in 2019 we will test 15-second cuts. In order to place the videos in front of an audience within our target cities, a paid strategy will be priority for 2019.

    On YouTube, the CVB will continue to optimize keywords, thumbnails and playlists. Video lengths and cuts will be tested to direct traffic to the Greater Palm Springs channel in order to grow its audience and encourage longer form video views.

  • dineGPS

    The CVB will further develop dineGPS social channels to have consistent, timely content that inspires travelers to explore the food culture in Greater Palm Springs. The CVB will utilize engaging original video series, user-generated content and Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week to tell stories of the food scene to both current and new audiences.

    The following objectives will take priority for dineGPS channels:

    • Increase brand awareness: The CVB will measure success of increasing awareness of Greater Palm Springs as a foodie destination in key markets with impressions and video views.
    • Measure event interest: Engagements on the event page and conversions to the website will be analyzed to measure the expanded interest of Restaurant Week and restaurant events.
  • China

    In 2019, the CVB will work with an agency, Mailman, to create an integrated digital marketing platform for the China market that promotes tourism to Greater Palm Springs. The CVB social media presence in China will be centered on building a brand and digital presence by establishing a presence on Sina Weibo and creating a verified WeChat Official Account.

    Content will include topics such as FIT content, travel tips, multi-day itineraries and experiences to engage the audience. The media strategy will include a mix of owned media, media partners, paid media and influencers with the goal of enhancing awareness of Greater Palm Springs. The CVB will work with Mailman to measure this with impressions, followers and distributed content.



Understanding that social media is a direct voice to potential meeting planners, the CVB will work with Sparkloft to further develop a paid media social strategy. This strategy is to engage meeting planners, association members and key decision-makers in the meetings life cycle to advance and support Greater Palm Springs as a premier meetings destination. For details, view the Convention Sales section of the Plan.