Working closely with our destination Partners, the Convention Sales department leads all group sales and convention efforts for the Greater Palm Springs group market. We are concentrating on our ultimate goal of bringing over 16 million visitors by 2026 and how the group sales team can impact that goal.

Our team offers unparalleled, experienced and highly personalized customer service for our clients. We assist the meeting planning community with destination inquiries, air service data and hotel and resort group opportunities while sharing a few destination surprises along the way.

With ASM Global as the new management company for the Palm Springs Convention Center, we are continually working closely with our teams to develop a strong relationship for booking new business in the Convention Center and to fill important need periods.

In 2020 we are projecting a goal of 222,500 room nights—a 2.4% increase over 2019 room night actuals. CBRE has forecasted total occupancy growth for 2019 in Greater Palm Springs at 2.5%. Their forecast for 2020 is 1.6%.

Sales & Mkting_CS Goals 2020
Client Engagement
The Convention Sales team will continue to concentrate on finding new group customers for our destination. We will also be focusing highly on increased client engagement in-market through direct sales efforts, trade shows, social media, advertising, sponsorships and media and promotional efforts—always with an emphasis on new prospects, pushing air service and promoting need times throughout the valley.

In 2020, Convention Sales will connect in a variety of innovative and effective ways to engage with prospective and existing clients.

Social Media
Building on our 2019 social media success and understanding that social media is a direct voice to potential meeting planners, the CVB will continue to work with the CVB’s social media agency, Sparkloft, to further develop a paid media social strategy. This strategy is to engage meeting planners, association members and key decision-makers in the meetings lifecycle to advance and support Greater Palm Springs as a premier meetings destination.

Sales & Mkting_Social Media CS

The CVB will continue to utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to foster the following goals:

Increase brand awareness. Progress will continue to be measured through tracking impressions, video views and fan growth.
Increase website traffic to Website traffic will continue to be monitored and engagement on posts will be measured.
Inspire and generate online engagement by meeting planners: The CVB will measure this by post shares and social media sentiment.
Increase attendance for groups by working with the planners in their initial stage of planning their meetings, utilizing our social media platform and promoting the destination to their potential attendees.

The CVB will continue to focus on the following content themes: destination appeal, conferences and trade shows, showcasing local partners and sharing information most important to a meeting planner starting to look at Greater Palm Springs as a meetings destination. Having recognized market differences in relation to geography, the CVB messaging is broken out to target West Coast, Midwest and East Coast. Here are some of examples and their success rates.

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Instagram 1
East Coast Impressions: 15.113

 Sales & Mkting_CS_FB Ad
Midwest Impressions: 41,322

Sales & Mkting_CS Chart

Website Presence
We have been enhancing our meetings web page with new content, such as what’s new with our hotel and meeting space product, fun and informative videos, easy access to getting information on air service, offsite venues, special promotions, team building and sending in an RFP. In 2020 we will be redesigning the CVB’s website, adding new widgets and generating a new experience for our meeting planners.

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Website

Intermediary Team Initiatives

The Convention Sales team will continue our “liaison” program in 2020. Sales managers have been assigned to our eight strategic partners: HelmsBriscoe; ConferenceDirect; HPN Global; American Express Meetings & Events; Experient, A Maritz Global Events Company; Association Management Center International; Prestige; and Association Forum AIMM.

Our program of work will include:

• CVB Liaison reports each trimester on production, staff updates, company news and how to maximize CVB partner benefits.
• ​Scheduled client presentations with intermediary teams when conducting missions, sales calls, events and webinars primarily in-market. Development of an educational component based on the group destination awareness study so our clients walk away with pertinent information and updates on the destination.
• Review of organizations’ top producers from each sales territory and development of action plans to enhance our engagement with these meeting professionals.
• Review of sponsorships and advertising opportunities moving forward to keep the destination “top of mind.”

Midweek, Summer & Other Need Periods

The Convention Sales team will use the following strategies to help fill our midweek, summer and other needs periods.

• Promote summer savings. Past research has shown that a large percentage of meeting planners are unaware of the savings and concessions available during the summer months in our destination, especially midweek.
• Focus on customized needs. In recent years, we have continued to see similar offers from our destination hotels and brands. Meeting professionals have let us know they are looking for packages customized to their needs. These same planners have asked that we identify all the possible savings available from partner hotels within the destination.
• Promote group savings. Optimize the group deals page to let meeting planners know of the great deals available to them in Greater Palm Springs.

Changing Destination Perceptions

In our 2018 Meetings Image & Awareness Study, 435 meeting planners responded to several questions about meeting in Greater Palm Springs. Several of our attributes surrounded around the relaxing ambiance, WOW-factor of the destination and the quality of our properties and unique outdoor spaces.

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Destination Analysis

Airlift, ease of getting here and the cost of holding meetings are questions commonly asked of the Convention Sales team by clients. It is vital that our sales team, as well as the sales teams of our hotel Partners, have a consistent message to relay to meeting professionals in regard to a positive perception of air accessibility into Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) and the vast array of meeting options to fit their budgets. The CVB continues to accomplish this goal in the following ways in 2020:

• Adding 12 additional meeting planner videos in 2020 to our Find Your Own Oasis original video series to create destination awareness and address misperceptions.




• Using individualized e-newsletter templates for each sales manager so they can message their key clients on what’s new and promote cost-effective midweek and shoulder season opportunities.

• Using individualized e-newsletter templates for each sales manager so they can message their key clients on what’s new and promote cost-effective midweek and shoulder season opportunities.

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Newsletter 1 Sales & Mkting_CS_Newsletter 2

• Sharing updated information quarterly to all Partners relative to additional flights, full flight schedules for Palm Springs International Airport, the number of available seats coming into the destination, etc.
• Promoting our meeting planner-centric “site experience” program that focuses on the planners and attendees needs when siting our destination. We are the local expert!

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Newsletter

Focus on Getting Back to Basics
In 2020, the Convention Sales team will continue to concentrate on finding new group customers for our destination. We want to go back to the basics by hosting more FAMs to gain exposure to meeting opportunities. Our sales managers will create in-market events but plan on holding one of those here in the destination to showcase both our downtown Palm Springs and down-valley properties. We have seen an increase in lead opportunities once we have exposed planners firsthand to what our Southern California meeting oasis has to offer.

Marketing & Communications

Our media plan for Convention Sales will continue to grow in 2020. The foundation of the 2020 Media Plan is based upon an evaluation of 2019 media performance as well as findings from recent research, such as the Meetings Image & Awareness Study. This media plan targets corporate planners, third-party planners and association planners while taking into consideration their experience and knowledge of the Greater Palm Springs destination.

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Logos

After evaluation of our 2019 results, we will be making some programmatic changes focusing on targeting meeting professionals with engaging content and videos including our Find Your Meeting Oasis video series.

Further changes include reducing general brand awareness tactics, such as display advertising and adding new campaigns for lead generation and direct mail. A new creative campaign was finalized at the end of 2019 and be deployed in 2020. We are also working on re-designing the Sales app for the sales team to utilize on sales missions, trade shows and site visits.

 Sales & Mkting_CS_Inspiration Ad

Our advertising will continue to reach meeting professionals and third-party planners emphasizing key differentiators uncovered in our research. Unique experiences—including outdoor meeting venues, group activities and air accessibility—will be ongoing CVB meetings promotions. The CVB will also continue to promote the destination as a valuable option for midweek meetings.

Key marketing partners: USAE, ASAE, Smart Meetings, Connect, PCMA, Conference Direct, Cvent, Northstar, Meetings Today and MPI.

Public Relations
The CVB Communications team will focus on leveraging advertising partnerships to pitch editorial placements, targeting publications that focus on corporate planners, third-party planners and association planners to help increase awareness of Greater Palm Springs as a premier meetings destination.  A master editorial calendar for the major publications will be used to proactively pitch story ideas with a goal of 35 earned placements in 2020. 

Establishing relationships with Conventions Sales strategic partners including ASAE, Association Forum, Conference Direct, HelmsBriscoe, MPI, and PCMA will assist in gaining industry recognition.  Connections will also be a priority as we will actively invite trade media to attend sales events in key markets with pre-arranged meetings and interviews when possible.

Industry Programs Coming to Greater Palm Springs in 2020

ASAE Research Foundation Five-Star Weekend/ La Quinta Resort & Club
Cediv Travel / Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa
Destinations International CEO Summit / JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa
Maritz Global / Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa
Meeting Planners International (MPI) Thought Leaders / Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa
Smart Meetings / Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

2020 Scheduled Trade Shows/Sales Calls/Sales Missions
Direct client opportunities including sales calls, trade shows, account sponsorships, FAMs (familiarization trips), sales missions and events will again be part of the sales team’s plans and actions for 2020.

Sales Missions
Drawing on successes achieved the past few years from increasing face-to-face client engagement, we will continue to create sales missions in all our markets with a focus on creativity, education and brand awareness. Face-to-face client engagement includes client presentations, unique group activities in-market, interactive educational sessions and charitable sponsorships with our customers.

Trade Shows
Careful evaluation of all shows each year ensures the CVB is getting in front of the right audience for our destination partners. Incorporating our brand imagery for booth backdrops—along with stylish, modern and unique furnishings—provides an exclusive and welcoming refuge for meeting professionals.

  • 2020 Joint Share Travel Partner Opportunities

    We thank you in advance for your partnership and enjoy collaborating with your sales teams to introduce meeting professionals throughout the country to our destination.

    Your team’s participation will include the following:

    • ​Save-the-date and customer invites
    • All organization and payment of venues
    • Attendance to all organized client events
    • Amenities and gifts presented to the customer
    • All branding showing participation
    • Pre-trip call to review details

    Below are upcoming opportunities. For the most up-to-date list or to register for any of these events, visit our Joint-Share RSVP page.

    • Midwest Sales Calls - April  - $1,895.00
    • Washington D.C. Sales Calls - June 23-26 - $1,995.00
    • Chicagoland Sales Calls - July - $1,995.00
    • ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition - August 8-11 - $1,995.00
    • Canadian Meetings and Events Expo (limited space) - August 18-20  -$2,000.00
    • IMEX America  - September 15-17 - $3,995.00
    • Northeast Sales Calls - September - $1,895.00
    • Denver Sales Calls - September  - $1,200.00
    • Fall Southern CA Sales Calls (limited space) - October  - $1,100.00
    • CalSAE Seasonal Spectacular -  December - $2,400.00
    • Association Forum of Chicagoland Holiday Showcase - December - $1,895.00