The Destination Marketing department encompasses advertising, brand development, web development, content creation, communications/public relations, destination plan implementation, film/entertainment and cultural tourism. The department leads all marketing initiatives set forth by the CVB and works collaboratively with the Brand, Destination Development, Partnership, Convention Sales and Tourism Development teams to ensure an effective and cohesive message across all media elements.

The department’s marketing efforts take a global approach, with both domestic and international initiatives. This allows the local cities to use their budgets to create new product and focus on local marketing.

Guiding Principles

Working closely with industry partners, the CVB identified key guiding principles that steered decision-making throughout the planning process and framed the overall plan structure. Those are:

• Develop a destination brand that can deliver on the promise and be adopted by all nine Coachella Valley cities and partners.
• Create an environment that allows the cities to create new product and enhance the overall visitor experience.
• Develop new markets and consumer segments to diversify our visitor profile.
• Improve and grow transportation options for all visitors and residents.
• Improve and grow the workforce for the tourism industry.
• Collaborate and align efforts with member cities, Visit California and Brand USA leadership to drive visitation.

2020 Media Plan Overview

The goal of the Media Plan is to increase awareness of the destination brand, domestically and internationally, supporting and growing overall occupancy in Greater Palm Springs.

• Total Estimated Media Budget: $5M
• Total Estimated Impressions: 7.1B

  • Target Geographic Markets

    The media plan is divided into three major geographic markets, which include:

    • Drive/Getaway: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas
    • Fly/Vacation: Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, Houston and Washington, D.C.
    • International: Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Winnipeg)

    Marketing initiatives will be implemented year-round in the Drive/Getaway markets, as visitor research has shown that they remain the top markets throughout all seasons. Fly/Vacation markets, which invest more time into planning their trips on a seasonal basis, will have marketing initiatives implemented during peak and shoulder season months. Top Canadian markets have been grouped with vacation market initiatives.

  • Customer Funnel

    The media plan is also divided into two “customer funnel” groups, which include:

    • Awareness-Building Media: Print, TV, OOH
    • Intent (to travel) Building Media: Digital, SEM, Online Promotion, Social Media, Influencer

    The 2020 media plan places a heavy emphasis on awareness-building media with a robust television and out-of-home presence. While the CVB continues to shift funds from print media into more targeted digital programs, awareness building media remains a core part of the advertising strategy in order to build a strong foundation for other lower-funnel initiatives.


     Sales & Mkting_Mkting_Example Funnel

  • Awareness Building Media

    • Total Estimated Budget: $1.4M
    • Total Estimated Impressions: Over 7B

    The objective of this media is to build awareness of the Greater Palm Springs brand as a travel destination. Awareness Building Media includes the destination’s print, out-of-home and television tactics. Television and out-of-home continue to be a robust part of our overall media plan. Television tactics include broadcast/live television, including cable and KTLA, as well as digital television. Digital television includes programs that are viewed on-demand and streaming online.

    Live cable television will deliver ads on channels such as Bravo, Lifetime, Food Network, ESPN, Golf, TNT, TBS, Logo, HGTV, TLC, Discovery, History, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN 2, FX, Oxygen and WE. Digital television will deliver ads on similar programs on Spectrum, Cox and Comcast and also across ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and HBO Go Smart TV apps.

    New in 2020 is the addition of connected television, which will make up 30% of the overall television buy. This will allow ads to be served to viewers as they stream video content on a variety of devices, including smart televisions, gaming consoles, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast and Roku. This option allows for more targeted messaging and the ability to select specific demographics, geographics and other targeted behaviors since consumers are signed in to their devices.

     Sales & Mkting_Dest Mkting_Connected TV

    In 2020, the CVB is also continuing its co-op partnership with top Los Angeles morning news station KTLA in order to reach the California travel market directly. Our “Chill” and health-and-wellness messaging continues to encourage the Drive/Getaway travelers to escape to Greater Palm Springs for a relaxing or adventurous getaway.

  • Intent-to-Travel Building Media

    • Total Estimated Media Budget: $2.1M
    • Total Estimated Impressions: Over 77M

    The objective of this media is to impact intent to travel. Intent-to-travel building media includes digital, SEM, online promotion, social media and influencer tactics with a stronger call-to-action message. In 2020, we will continue to place a greater emphasis on digital advertising with new customized platforms and content that will provide measurable data and continue to drive traffic back to the CVB website.

    New in 2020 is the addition of iHeartRadio Podcast advertising, AARP and Nativo content advertising, and Adara digital advertising. These new programs will allow for new opportunities to reach potential visitors to Greater Palm Springs by targeting specific behaviors and demographics and serving our message in a way that integrates organically with consumers’ daily content consumption.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_iHeart Radio

    The CVB is excited to add podcast advertising to the 2020 media plan. Podcast listening boasts a growing and engaged listenership that generates over four times better ad recall than other digital ad platforms. In addition to audio ads that will stream to geotargeted audiences, customized ads read by podcast hosts will add a new dimension of advertising, with Greater Palm Springs content endorsed by hosts that listeners know and trust. With 45% of listeners agreeing that they will visit a sponsor’s website after hearing a message or advertisement on their favorite podcast, this addition to the 2020 media plan is a great way to generate new awareness of the destination to an engaged and targeted audience.

    AARP is a trusted source for an older demographic of active, year-round travelers. With over 38M members nationally, AARP’s website will feature custom editorial pieces introducing readers to the destination in a way that is contextually relevant and geared toward the AARP audience.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_AARP Logo

     Sales & Mkting_AARP article

    Nativo’s advertising platform allows the CVB to distribute its blog content across a wide range of in-network publishers such as Fodors, Travel + Leisure, USA Today, Food & Wine, Nylon, Saveur, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Entrepreneur. Selected CVB blog articles will appear on these sites as native content, allowing readers to consume articles on their favorite sites organically. The goal of this campaign is to build new audiences by reaching them during their normal online browsing and to drive traffic to our website.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Nativo Logo

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Article

    Rounding out the new additions to the 2020 media plan is Adara’s digital display ad campaign. Adara has been a CVB partner since 2018 but will expand in 2020 with the addition of a digital display ad campaign for both Greater Palm Springs and the CVB’s co-op partners. In addition to the co-op program detailed below, Greater Palm Springs digital advertisements will re-target people who have visited the CVB website and serve them ads across Adara's network of websites, as well as prospect new targeted consumers.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Adara logo

    Sales & Mkting_DM_Banner Ad Horizontal
     Sales & Mkting_DM_Banner Ad Vertical Sales & Mkting_DM_Square Ad

    Search engine marketing will continue to increase engagement and drive traffic to the website. Online promotions with top OTAs—such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, Travelzoo and SpaFinder—will continue in 2020, offering valuable advertising for our partners as well as for the CVB.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Expedia LogoSales & Mkting_DM_Trip Advisor logoSales & Mkting_DM_Travel Zoo logo

  • Meetings & Convention Sales Media

    • Total Estimated Media Budget: $532K
    • Total Estimated Impressions: Over 7.2M

    The CVB’s Meetings & Convention Sales media plan continues to grow in 2020. The foundation of the plan is based on a close evaluation of the 2018 Meetings Image & Awareness Study, as well as the 2019 media plan performance, in which several new programs were added. The 2020 plan continues to target corporate planners, third party planners and association planners while taking into consideration their experience and knowledge of Greater Palm Springs.

    After evaluating the results from 2019, the CVB has made some programmatic changes focusing on targeting meeting professionals with engaging content and videos, including our “Find Your Meeting Oasis” video campaign.

    New for 2020 is a reduction of general brand awareness tactics such as digital display advertising and the addition of new campaigns like direct mail and lead generation. A new creative campaign was finalized at the end of 2019 and will be deployed in 2020. In addition to updates to the media plan, the CVB is also working on a redesign of the meetings mobile application, which will be a great tool for the Convention Sales team to utilize on missions, trade shows and site visits.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Meetings Ad Sales & Mkting_DM_Meetings Email



The CVB’s successful co-op advertising program was designed to leverage Partner advertising budgets and increase exposure year-round, with options to target the Local Drive market, the National West market, the National East market and/or Canadian markets through the year via television and billboard placements.

In 2019, the CVB surveyed past and existing co-op Partners and found that all Partners indicated they were either “satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with the current programs while also noting that other media programs such as digital, radio, content and social media were also of interest. Over the summer of 2019, these new co-op programs were tested, and based on results, were debuted in the fall.

These new programs include Pandora streaming radio and video, Adara retargeting digital advertising, a summer social media program and Locale magazine custom content.

 Sales & Mkting_DM_Locale Article 1

 Sales & Mkting_DM_Locale Article 2

Additionally, connected television was also offered to Partners as part of the 2020 television co-op package, allowing for more specified targeting based on demographics, location and behaviors.

2020 Partner Co-op Advertising Opportunities

  • Television - “Find Your Oasis” Cable Television + Connected Television ($25,000)


    • Choice of one season (Jan-Apr/May-Aug/Sept-Dec)
    • Choice of one market (Drive, National West, National East or Canada)
    • 1,200-2,000 spots per month (depending on selected market)
    • Approximately 45.3M-75.5M total impressions (depending on selected market)
    • Production of:30 television spot

  • Television – “Summer Chill” Cable + KTLA + Connected Television ($25,000)


    • Timeframe: May-August
    • Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix
    • KTLA Metro Los Angeles
      • CVB-produced :30 spot airs 462 times / 60.3M total impressions
    • Cable Drive Markets
      • 2,800 spots / 25.9M total impressions
    • Connected TV
      • 22M total impressions
    • Production of:30 television spot

Click here for full Summer Chill 2019 playlist. 

  • Television – “Fall Chill” Cable + KTLA + Connected Television ($25,000)


    • Timeframe: September-December
    • Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix
    • KTLA Metro Los Angeles
      • CVB-produced :30 spot airs 462 times / 60.3M total impressions
    • Cable Drive Markets
      • 2,800 spots / 25.9M total impressions
    • Connected Television
      • 22M total impressions
    • Production of a :30 television spot
  • Outdoor Billboards (rate varies)


    • Timeframe: January-December (depending on selected market)
    • Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and/or Minneapolis
    • Production of billboard artwork
    • Cost:
      • ​2 digital boards: $2,000/metro area
      • 3 digital boards: $3,000/metro area
      • 4 digital boards: $4,000/metro area

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Omni Billboard

    Sales & Mkting_DM_Living Desert Billboard

  • *NEW* Adara Retargeting Digital Co-Op


    • Timeframe: January-December (limited to 2x Partners per month)
    • Production of digital display ads utilizing Partner messaging and photos
    • Cost: $3,500/month
    • Impressions: Approximately 900K/month

     Sales & Mkting_DM_JW Marriott Banner Ad

  • *NEW* Locale Magazine Content Co-Op


    • Timeframe: January-December (space is limited)
    • Production of custom dedicated web editorial produced by Locale and featured on their website, with accompanying social media promotion and banner ads produced by the CVB
    • Cost: $2,500/month
    • Impressions: Approximately 115K/month
    • Click HERE to view an example of this opportunity that Locale produced for the Omni Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage. 
  • *NEW* Pandora Audio / Video Co-Op


    • Timeframe: May-August (space limited)
    • Production:30 audio ad and accompanying mobile banner ad if choosing audio program; video advertising is limited to Partners with current co-op spot
    • Cost:
      • $3,000/month for Connected Home :30 Audio + Companion Banner Ad
      • $3,000/month for Video Plus :30 Mobile Video Ad

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Pandora

  • *NEW* Social Media Co-op


    • Timeframe: May-July
    • Designated Instagram story, Facebook image, and Pinterest post linking to deal, CVB-scheduled/coordinated on-location photography, five (5) property photos for Partner’s own usage, and a $2,000 total media spend behind one (1) Instagram story and two (2) Facebook ads running on @VisitGreaterPS accounts.
    • Cost: $5,000 for full May-June summer package

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Social Co-Op 1Sales & Mkting_DM_Social Co-Op 2

  • *NEW* Expedia International Co-Op


    • Timeframe: February-December
    • International Markets: Canada, United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Japan, Mexico
    • Featured or Standard tier placements on Greater Palm Springs landing page promoting the destination internationally. Expedia matches all media funds 1:1.
    • Cost:
      • Single Hotel Rates: $3,500 Standard / $6,000 Featured
      • Cluster Hotel Rates: $7,500 Standard / $10,000 Featured
  • Expedia Travel Resource Partnership
    • Overview: Destination landing page on Expedia promoting partner listings on Expedia products (Expedia, Hotels, Hotwire, Travelocity, Orbitz)
    • Timeframe: Year-round
    • Cost: No Fee. Standard Expedia commissionable bookings apply.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Expedia Banner Ad

  • Travelzoo Travel Resource Partnership
    • Overview: Destination landing page on Travelzoo in target markets promoting Partner deals
    • Partner Opportunity: Partners may submit special offering to display on destination page
    • Timeframe: Year-round
    • Cost: No Fee.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Travel Zoo

  • SpaFinder
    • Overview: Digital advertising campaign and destination landing page on promoting Partner health and wellness offers
    • Partner Opportunity: Partners may submit special offering to display on destination page
    • Timeframe: September-November
    • Cost: If you have a Spa facility, you can become a Spafinder Partner. Greater Palm Springs properties will be offered an exclusive rate for partnership that includes a Spafinder listing, redemption opportunities, newsletter feature, and more. Standard Spafinder commissions are collected on the Gift Card amount only. If is NOT necessary to become a Spafinder partner. Digital ads will direct to Greater Palm Springs spa deals page. There is no cost to submit an offer on the CVB’s website.

     Sales & Mkting_DM_SpaFinder


  • Alaska Airlines

    Reaches PSP top airline, Alaska Airlines, via in-flight print magazine. Greater Palm Springs will advertise in the March “California Travel Planner” issue, the October “Best of California” issue and the November “Greater Palm Springs” issue.

    • Full Page: $6,800
    • Half Page: $5,200
    • 1/3 Page: $4,100
    • 1/6 Page: $3,400

     Sales & Mkting_DM_Alaska Airlines

  • WestJet

    Reaches PSP top Canadian airline, WestJet, via in-flight print magazine. Greater Palm Springs will advertise in the February, March and November issues, which feature Greater Palm Springs.

    • Full Page: $6,300 net
    • 2/3 Page: $4,380 net
    • Half Page: $3,400 net
    • 1/3 Page: $2,250 net
    • 1/6 Page: $1,343 net

     Sales & Mkting_DM_WestJet