The 2020 Sales & Marketing Plan is built upon the success of 2019 programs while taking into consideration new and emerging markets, industry research, industry input and committees, changes in purchasing patterns and reaching key influencers. The plan focuses on the following goals:

  • Expand the Greater Palm Springs brand footprint.
  • Deepen engagement with our destination.
  • Increase product awareness with new and diverse meeting planners.
  • Build the destination’s international exposure.

The plan outlines a scope of work that has been designed to aggressively move the CVB forward to meet challenges and achieve superior results. The research process utilizes quantitative data and industry trends to determine optimal success in reaching key markets. Each market segment was analyzed by examining market growth potential and macro- and microenvironmental factors, as well as marketing costs and historic investment. This resulted in determining the key market prioritizations, detailed strategies and tactics for accomplishing goals.


2019 DestinationNEXT: Greater Palm Springs Destination Assessment

In 2019, the CVB worked with Destinations International and MMGY NextFactor to administer a DestinationNEXT study for Greater Palm Springs. The study surveyed our tourism, government, education and business Partners to measure destination strength and community support for tourism development to ensure the destination and nine cities are aligned and moving in the right direction, and to identify any gaps, key issues and opportunities for potential products, amenities, education, programming and experiences that would benefit the Greater Palm Springs tourism industry and grow the local economy.

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You can read the full report here.

Visitor Research

VisaVue: Domestic and International Market Research

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To better understand where our visitors reside, as well as what they purchase while visiting, the CVB partnered with Visit California to receive Visa cardholder geographic and spending information. With every Visa credit or debit card transaction, a cardholder’s spending data and zip code of origination is captured, which creates a picture of visitor buying characteristics in the destination. The CVB utilizes VisaVue Data Research to assist in building marketing strategies based on these spending insights. The data shows:


  • Year-Round Getaway Markets: Los Angeles (which includes Riverside and Orange counties), San Francisco and San Diego MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) remained the top markets throughout the entire year, in terms of cardholders and spend. As a result, these markets have been identified as “Year-Round Getaway Markets” and marketing initiatives in these areas will be implemented year-round in the 2020 media plan. In addition, Sacramento, Phoenix and Las Vegas were among top visitor markets and have been grouped with Year-Round Getaway Market initiatives. ​

 2020 Sales & Mkting_VisaVue Domestic Annual Spend

2020 Sales & Mkting_YoY VisaVue


  • Seasonal Vacation Markets: Seattle, Portland, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, Boston and Atlanta were the top spend locations, respectively. These markets have been identified as “Seasonal Vacation Markets,” and marketing initiatives in these areas will be implemented during the destination’s peak and shoulder season months. In addition, top Canadian markets (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Winnipeg) have been grouped with Seasonal Market initiatives. This data will continue to be used to prioritize the strongest markets, domestically, throughout the year, as well as to grow air service in existing markets and in emerging markets.

2020 Sales & Mkting_VisaVue Fly Markets spend

2020 Sales & Mkting_Fly Market YoY


  • Besides Canada, which is grouped in the seasonal markets, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, China, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland are the top international markets throughout the year, in terms of spend amount. This data will be used to continually prioritize these international markets during the course of 2020.

2020 Sales & Mkting_International YoY

2020 Sales & Mkting_International Spend

2020 Sales & Mkting_International Canada YoY

2020 Sales & Mkting_2019 Spend Amount

Visitor Intercept and Economic Study
The CVB launched a Visitor Intercept and Economic Study in 2015. The purpose of the study was to better understand the demographic and geographic makeup of the visitor in Greater Palm Springs. The results of the study were released in 2016 and continue to provide great insights as to who the visitor is and why they visit the destination. This information is used to guide the CVB’s sales and marketing efforts and provide areas of focus to maximize ROI.

In 2020, the CVB will be working with data from UberMedia and Strategic Marketing & Research Insights (SMARInsights) to create a new Visitor Profile Study. UberMedia is a mobile data analytics company that tracks human movement data via cellphones. Accessing over 300 million mobile devices monthly in the U.S. and 1 billion worldwide, UberMedia leverages this data to understand visitor demographics, top source markets and where visitors specifically shop, eat, stay and sightsee while in-market. SMARInsights will then identify which markets to survey based on the UberMedia data. They will survey approximately 3,000 Greater Palm Springs visitors post-visit in regards to their trip experience in Greater Palm Springs.

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In order to guide advertising efforts for 2020, the CVB has partnered with Strategic Marketing & Research Insights (SMARInsights). Throughout the year, SMARI surveys pre-qualified travelers to measure the awareness of advertising, effectiveness of media plan and overall return on investment. These studies continue to be invaluable resources for formulating advertising strategy.


2020 Sales & Mkting_Year Round Getaway Markets

2020 Sales & Mkting_2019 Seasonal Effectiveness