The CVB will continue to bring awareness of Greater Palm Springs as a vacation destination and drive intent to travel through the VisitGreaterPS, dineGPS and VisitCADesert social media channels in 2020.

Working alongside a contracted social media agency, the CVB will focus on refined audience targeting and messages based on 2020 trends. This will include engaging videos and user-generated content and experiences through organic and paid social media. The CVB will invite travelers to a rejuvenating oasis through a refined audience that includes The Chill Seekers, Wellness Adventurers, Cultural Adventurers and Family Matters.

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Over the summer of 2019, the CVB tested a Summer Chill social media campaign that will continue as the 2020 summer co-op for social media. This campaign, which in 2019 was the highest performing social campaign that the CVB has ever run, allows partners to target potential visitors based on demographics, location and behavior.

2020 Social Media Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness: The CVB will measure impressions as a success of increasing awareness of Greater Palm Springs as a year-round destination in key getaway and vacation markets. Audiences will be targeted with video content to grab the attention of the viewer.

  • Increase Intent: Once viewers have engaged with a video, Greater Palm Springs will be able to retarget them with website content and destination experiences. The CVB will also engage micro- and nano-influencers for increasing intent. These influencers focus on specific niches and have the effect of a friend making a recommendation, leading their followers to trust them more than they trust traditional influencers.

  • Action: Lastly, the CVB will monitor sentiment reporting to measure fans’ affinity and advocacy of their Greater Palm Springs experiences. Community management opportunities from direct messages to comments will also be used to monitor experience. Utilizing those objectives, the 2020 social media goals have been placed into the buckets of impressions, video views and website clicks on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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2020 Social Media Goals
For 2020, the CVB has moved toward “bucketed” key performance indicators (KPIs). This means Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest impressions, views and website clicks will be totaled to one number. This allows for adaptation of strategic placement as the social media landscape changes. To ensure social media audiences across multiple platforms are not inundated with the same content, the CVB will develop additional blog and video series content that will be utilized across different channels to see which content best performs with the targeted audiences listed above.

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  • Content Strategy

    The CVB is focusing on Health & Wellness, Outdoor Adventure, Arts & Culture, Culinary and Summer Chill as campaign pillars for 2019. These content pillars hold stories waiting to be unfolded on social media. The CVB will approach each of these as a campaign that will include ad types as well as some influencers to best capture target audiences. Ad types include Facebook Instant Experiences, Instagram Story ads, Conversion Ads and Video View ads.

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  • Video Strategy

    The CVB strategy continues to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of social media algorithms. In 2020, we are using short (12 – 20 second) videos to capture attention and then retarget those viewers to the full video content pieces. Video series have been useful to provide our followers with regular, expected content to learn more about the experiences in Greater Palm Springs.

    In 2020, our YouTube strategy will be significantly altered to focus on quality and engagement of views rather than quantity. We will be transferring this platform over to Simpleview from Sparkloft in February to manage this channel and execute our new strategy. This will allow us to fully integrate and unify our digital strategy using affinity audiences, keyword targeting and website remarketing as a way to engage this audience.

  • dineGPS

    The CVB will continue to have a consistent culinary strategy on dineGPS social channels to inspire travelers to explore the food culture in Greater Palm Springs. The CVB is utilizing original video series, user-generated content and Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week to tell stories of the food scene to both current and new audiences.

    The following objectives will take priority for dineGPS channels:

    • Increase brand awareness: The CVB will measure success of increasing awareness of Greater Palm Springs as a foodie destination in key markets with impressions and video views.
    • Measure event interest: Engagements on the event page and conversions to the website will be analyzed to measure the expanded interest of Restaurant Week and restaurant events.

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  • China

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    In 2020, the CVB is further developing their strategy on WeChat and Weibo and will work with a China-based agency, Mailman, to create an integrated digital marketing platform for the China market that promotes tourism to Greater Palm Springs. The CVB social media presence in China will be centered on building a brand and digital presence by establishing a presence on Sina Weibo and creating a verified WeChat Official Account.

    Content will include topics such as FIT content, travel tips, multi-day itineraries and experiences to engage the audience. The media strategy will include a mix of owned media, media partners, paid media and influencers with the goal of enhancing awareness of Greater Palm Springs. The CVB will work with Mailman to measure this with impressions, followers and distributed content.


Recognizing that meeting planners are accessing information online, the CVB is placing meeting-specific content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media allows for specific targeting to meeting planners, association members and key decision-makers in the meetings life cycle. Proposed 2020 goals are based off our of performance in 2019, as well as our knowledge of the size of our audiences and the amount of meeting planners.

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With the new Find Your Meeting Oasis video series, 2020 will continue with a focus on premium video content and distribution on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, where video content is highly engaged with.