You probably recognize Mario Lopez as the charming co-host of TV’s “Extra” or the star of ‘90s series “Saved by the Bell,” but his most important role? Best dad in the world. And when it comes to family time, Greater Palm Springs is just the place where Lopez can transform his family of four—six when they travel with the grandmas—into a family of one.

“[In Greater Palm Springs,] the kids are having a great time, my wife and I are having a great time, and even our moms are having a great time,” Mario says. “Greater Palm Springs offers a lot.”

As dancers, Mario and his wife, Courtney Mazza Lopez, understand the importance of balance—and as busy parents with equally busy careers, maintaining balance becomes even more important. Family vacations often provide just the right balance for the Lopez family.

“During the day, I like to hang out by the pool, maybe enjoy a nice margarita [and] watch the kids swim,” Mario says of his ideal vacation. “At night, I like to enjoy a nice dinner, have a nice glass of wine and just be very low key and just kind of enjoy that slow vibe.”

On a recent visit to Greater Palm Springs, Mario and Courtney took us outside in this beautiful oasis and inside their family life with their two young children, Gia and Dominic, and their two moms.