“Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed being in the kitchen,” Mario says. “I’m a big foodie, so all our vacations are always planned around food.”

After all, what better way is there for the family to spend time together on vacation?

“For me, nothing symbolizes family more than everyone being around the dinner table,” Mario says. “Eating together is something special that we look forward to as a family.”

During their stay in Greater Palm Springs, the family shared a meal under the stars on the patio of Las Casuelas Nuevas, which Mario describes as a “really cool family-owned Mexican restaurant.”

Las Casuelas Nuevas is known for their authentic Mexican fare, which Mario and his family couldn’t get enough of. Add in a beautiful setting, and it was the perfect backdrop for a family meal.

“Outside, you felt like you were inside, [and] it was gorgeous,” Mario says.

From tableside guacamole to handcrafted margaritas (a favorite of Mario’s), it was all smiles and laughter, making their first night together fun and festive.

Dining at a restaurant like Las Casuelas Nuevas just made the experience that much more memorable.

“The food’s delicious,” Mario says. “[The restaurant is] romantic, it’s fun, it’s festive. We had a really good time.”