Rocking it to the Limit

By Amy Yerrington

I admit it. I’m addicted to all things active, plus I’m always up for a new challenge. At Desert Rocks Climbing Gym, the only indoor climbing facility in Greater Palm Springs, I definitely found plenty of both! The gym opened in 2015 in Palm Springs and quickly became a community-based climbing haven for locals and visitors alike. The owners, Steve and Kristen, are well qualified; both are avid climbers and have outdoor adventure in their blood.

When I arrived at Desert Rocks, Kristen was there to show me the ropes—literally! She was patient even though the last time I had tried climbing was in college—many moons ago. She clipped me into the auto-belay, and I soared straight to the top of the wall. Now, I was ready for the harness and a climb up 30 feet. If you’re anything like me, this was pushing my limits and my kind of chill. The hardest part was letting go of the wall, but once I did, the rush was incredible. There are three levels of climbing at this huge facility, and I tried all three, failing miserably at the highest level. But it didn’t matter. It was still fun and gave me another challenge for when I return.

Desert Rocks Climbing Gym is a place where all climbers are welcome, for just fun or serious sport. It’s not only exhilarating, it will keep you fit, and you’ll meet some great fellow climbers. Even though by the end of filming day I could no longer feel my forearms, I can’t wait to go back and take some friends. This is what I call rocking it!