Soccer or Golf? No, FootGolf!

By Amy Yerrington

People claim that FootGolf is the best game ever invented—and it’s only been around less than two decades. Roberto Balestrini says anyone can play Footgolf, and he should know. As the founder of the American FootGolf League, he brought the game to the U.S. and made its official national headquarters right here in Greater Palm Springs.

I met up with Roberto at Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort in Palm Springs, one of the destination’s premier golf resorts. It has two courses: the Legend Course designed by Torrey Pines designer William Frances Bell and the Resort Course by Ted Robinson with mountain views and gorgeous waterscapes. I was invited to watch the game in action, but I could see that the real fun is playing the game. Little did I know that I would be learning to play alongside world and national FootGolf champions, including the number one player in the entire world! Just my luck.

Since I don’t play soccer or golf (I’m a volleyball or basketball girl) and the sport combines them both, this was destined to be an interesting afternoon. At first, I was hesitant to play with these giants in the FootGolf world, but I held my own and loved that they allowed me to tease them. I was blown away by their skill levels, and a couple of hours went by just like that. I had so much fun kicking balls around this beautiful golf course, and it was obvious that this is a game that brings people together. FootGolf is a perfect sport for families or groups of friends for a fun afternoon. Grab some beer and get ready to compete--and laugh a lot.