Pedal Power

By Amy Yerrington

I’ve cycled for years, so I was skeptical about any bike that involved electricity. However, after I was asked to make a Chill Chasing trip to Pedego La Quinta, my curiosity was electrified in a big way! I discovered that Pedego electric bikes are a sure way to have chilling fun, with or without breaking a sweat—your choice!

Pedego La Quinta is one of two Greater Palm Springs locations offering a new way to bike. La Quinta owner Bryan Newman showed me the vast variety of bikes to choose from—beach cruisers, off-road and commuter bikes, tandem bikes—even adult trikes. He explained that they are pretty much like regular bikes. The only difference? When you are tired, you can let the bike do the work for you. You can buy or you can rent, but Pedego bikes are the perfect way to tour Greater Palm Springs on your own or even on a guided tour.

I am now a Pedego electric bike girl. And that is not a lie. After ten seconds of pedaling and using that electric power switch, I was hooked. Our bike ride lasted about two hours and it was the most fun I’ve had on a bicycle in years! The best part is you can choose to use the electric boost or not. So, if you’re looking for more of an exercise, you can achieve a little sweat. Or, if you prefer to cruise a little faster, you have that option as well. I really was blown away by the comfort of the bike, the speed and how quickly time flew. I was not ready for my ride to be over!

La Quinta is such a gorgeous spot for biking. Shop, eat, get a margarita and come on back totally invigorated. If the temperatures move up, pedal less and go faster. Let the wind cool you off. I found it was so easy to ride in traffic, going up to 35 miles per hour!

 To be honest, this is the bike of my dreams. I may never go back to riding regular bikes again.