‘Pretty Woman’ Stomping Fun at Eldorado Polo

By Amy Yerrington

To be honest, the only polo I had ever seen before arriving at Eldorado Polo Club was in the movie “Pretty Woman” when Julia Roberts stomped divots and drank champagne--that is until I chased some chills at Eldorado Polo Club in Indio. Even though this sport is known as the game of kings, I discovered that it is a sport for everyone, and you’ll leave feeling like royalty no matter how you experience it.

I discovered that the polo viewing experience gives you some great choices for the afternoon. Come dressed to the nines to luxuriate in the clubhouse with a full-service menu and bar or make it a casual outing and tote a blanket to spread on the lawn for a leisurely tailgate lunch. No matter how you choose to enjoy your polo watching, you’ll witness a fast-paced game with top players from all over the world who arrive to play professional polo matches on this mammoth field—nine football fields long. It is definitely an adrenaline rush as the horses and players cross the field at amazing speeds.

However, at Eldorado, you don’t have to end the experience with “watching.” You can learn to play the game like a pro or just have a lot of fun trying like I did. Actually having the opportunity to get on a horse and play was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, tailor your polo experience to your own style at Eldorado Polo Club, but whatever way you choose to “polo” from viewing to playing, remember to make it chill.