My Perfect Date

By Amy Yerrington

They say you never forget your first date. I personally prefer blondes, but I tried a brunette for the first time and I was impressed! Don’t get too excited. My dating life is not nearly as sweet as the dates at Shields Date Garden. Since 1924, Shields has been growing and selling date culture in Greater Palm Springs to visitors and locals alike.

It may be mainly about the date fruit, but there is still plenty of romance to soak in at this sweet destination: a café under the groves, shady palms, a store stocked with samples and unique souvenirs--and even a free film to put you in the “mood”: The Romance and Sex Life of the Date.

Just walking around the gardens on a gorgeous blue-sky day is like strolling through a piece of farming history. All around you is what Bess and Floyd Shields created so long ago—an agricultural bounty of this irresistible sticky, sweet fruit, now sold by the pound along with local oranges and grapefruits by the sack full. You can even try delicious food creations, starring none other than the date, at the Café at Shields. For a special treat, indulge in the Shields Date Pancakes—made from scratch with date butter and a sprinkling of dates on top.

I have to admit before visiting Shields I was a little hesitant to even taste a date. After all, it isn’t a “pretty” food exactly. But, then I arrived at the shake counter and experienced a blended phenomenon that ranks as one of the best desserts in the world—the famous Shields Date Shake. Once you take a sip, there is no question why this spot has become an iconic part of the Greater Palm Springs landscape. It blew my mind. (I had four of them that day—for the sake of getting the “take” just right, of course.)

As the Chill Chaser, I am able to show people new places to visit no matter what their interests may be, and Shields is a place that has something for everyone, no matter what their age or where they are from.  This special spot has definitely changed my mind about dates.

Add a little romance to your life. I guarantee you—a visit to Shields will leave a sweet taste in your mouth!