Get Chill-Ready with Tesloop

By Amy Yerrington

No doubt about it. Getting to your vacation destination can be stressful, even when you are headed to a chill place like Greater Palm Springs. You can drive or fly, but I have another idea for you that practically guarantees no stress. Go first class and sustainable with Tesloop. The best part is it is a breezy 2 ½ hours from Los Angeles to Greater Palm Springs. Believe me, you’ll enjoy this ride so much that you’ll think your vacation has already begun.

It is so easy to book a Tesloop trip. Just call the Tesloop Concierge and plan your pick up and drop off at convenient locations, from Starbucks to hotels. You’ll be greeted by your certified and trained “pilot” and off you go. As soon as I buckled into the beautiful new Tesla Model X, I took advantage of all the complimentary amenities, especially the free, healthy snacks since road trips make me very hungry! You can book the entire car, but if you are riding with strangers, just use the noise proof headphones provided for some time to yourself. I couldn’t even hear the car. But my favorite amenity was the WiFi. I can get work done all the way to Greater Palm Springs or just catch up with friends.

Without a doubt, this is an economical, easy way to travel, but it’s nice to know you are also helping the environment following Tesloop’s mission to bring us sustainable travel. So remember, if you want your chill to start before you even get to Greater Palm Springs, Tesloop might be the service for you!