Every Day is ‘Hump Day’ at The Living Desert

By Amy Yerrington

I have to confess. I love animals—even encountering a cute dog can make me so happy I cry. So, you can imagine my joy at discovering The Living Desert with 450 wild animals representing the deserts of the world--all in one place! No matter where you wander in the 1,200-acre zoo and gardens, there is no shortage of things to explore, from winged wonders and wildlife to overwhelming desert beauty and plant life. Unlike any zoo I’ve ever seen, the creatures here fit into the landscape naturally.

Conservation and preservation of these desert treasures is definitely an important goal of the zoo, and it is nice to know that everyone who visits is really contributing to this great world cause. Another cool part of the zoo? You can get really up-close to these amazing animals.  I’ve always wanted to go face-to-face with a giraffe and feed it. I never knew a giraffe had such a long tongue! And, I even got to ride a camel.

If you are an animal and outdoor lover like I am, you just don’t want the day to end. If you time it right, it doesn’t have to end at the close of day. During some nights in the spring, you can stay for a Starry Safari luxury camping experience, with the animals all around you and guided walks under the bright desert stars. Eating gooey s’mores by campfire backed by the night howls of cheetahs and coyotes—well, it might be my ideal desert dream.