‘Sustain’ Yourself at Two Bunch Palms

By Amy Yerrington

Think about it. When was the last time you really relaxed your entire being: mind, body and soul? Well, if it’s been awhile, then I have chased down the perfect “chill” for you: legendary Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs. Not only is Two Bunch one of the first sustainable resorts in the country, it is the ideal place to sustain YOU! I visited the resort’s Yoga Dome to do just that.

I found Lisa Marie in the Yoga Dome teaching a class. Doing yoga in a dome built just for this purpose was new to me. It makes sense that since yoga is about breath and energy control, doing the exercises in a dome that actually holds the energy within would be an amazing feeling. Yoga is not my thing normally and most of the yoga I’ve done has been in a hot studio, so this experience was very different. The Yoga Dome makes it easy to find mental focus, even if you’ve never taken a yoga class before.

The dome was incredible, but at Two Bunch Palms there are lots of ways to rejuvenate or “sustain” yourself, from mud baths to mindful meditation—and, of course, the incredible healing mineral water. The entire tucked-away property says “relaxation.” Soak in the Grotto (no phones or loud talking), stroll through the serene acreage and take in serene vistas over the valley, get a soothing massage and then indulge in some farm-fresh produce, local fare and artisanal cocktails at Essense.  The best part? Retire to your room secluded under giant palms for a totally relaxing night’s sleep and get ready to do it all over again the next day.