Meet Chef Gabriel Woo of The Pantry and The Barn Kitchen


As the chef behind the menus at both The Pantry at Holiday House and The Barn Kitchen at Sparrow’s Lodge, Woo brings a sense of simplicity to his cooking.

“At The Barn Kitchen, we try to keep the cuisine simple and rustic,” Woo says, “but I kind of am cheating people when I say it’s simplicity. It looks simple, and it is simple, but that vinegar I made? It took maybe three months to get it right where I wanted it.”

The simplicity helps set a homey tone at both restaurants, which is exactly the vibe Woo tries to strike.

“I want you to relax and feel like you’re at a friend’s house,” Woo says. “By the time our guests leave, they have new friends and great memories.”

Hear more from Chef Gabriel Woo in the dineGPS video above.