Chef Tanya Petrovna shares her secret weapon to vegan food


Chef Tanya Petrovna has one mission: to make vegan food taste good.

It’s a mission the Palm Springs-native achieved as the founder behind the vegan chain Native Foods, which started with its original location in Palm Springs. Now, Petrovna is back on the local vegan dining scene with her latest concept: Chef Tanya’s Kitchen.

“There’s so many old clichés about vegans are eating boring rabbit food,” Petrovna says. “Now, there are so many choices and so many ways to prepare plant-based food.

At Chef Tanya’s kitchen, locally sourced produce and other vegan ingredients are transformed into local favorites like the El Cubano sandwich, made with house-made slow-roasted citrus and garlic seitan, and the Coachella Forever, a colorful combo of lettuce, quinoa and veggies that’s described as “a festival in your mouth.”

Check out the video above to hear more from Petrovna about her approach to vegan food, sourcing ingredients and more.