Greater Palm Springs presents ‘Wander List,’ an exciting new series hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist and Coachella Valley native Anndee Laskoe. Follow her on a whimsical journey tailor-made for dreamers and adventurers at heart. Leave footprints on mountain tops, travel dirt roads to curious places and strikingly odd spaces. Go further than your map will take you. The day is yours, all you have to do is catch ‘Wander List.’

Season 2

Set foot in Le Vallauris and immediately, you’ll feel you’re somewhere special. Here, the dining room pulses with history, while the patio invites guests to order another bottle of wine to enjoy under the canopy of trees and twinkling lights. It’s a dining experience that’s withstood the test of time since 1973, when two Hollywood restauranteurs took a chance and transformed a three-bedroom home into a French Mediterranean restaurant. Step into the history of Le Vallauris with Wander List host Anndee Laskoe as she uncovers the story behind one of Palm Springs’ most renowned restaurants.

A piece of the past is always with Greater Palm Springs—especially when it comes to classic cars. After all, what better place is there to cruise with the top down and wind in your hair? Find the fast lane to nostalgia at McCormick’s Auto Showroom and Exotic Car Auctions, where the latest car models always take a backseat to the classics. In this episode of Wander List, take a detour with host Anndee Laskoe on this road trip back in time.

A sea of windmills welcomes visitors to Greater Palm Springs, with thousands of bright white blades spinning circles against a backdrop of blue skies and the majestic San Jacinto Mountains. The iconic scene is an Instagram favorite, but behind every mesmerizing spin, these towering titans are also producing colossal amounts of clean energy for the oasis and beyond. Wander under the shadows of these gentle giants with Anndee Laskoe on this episode of Wander List, and discover the true power behind this scenic landmark.

Take a look back at Season 1 highlights with this trailer of Wander List: Season 2.

Season 1

Pour one-part classic cocktails, add a splash of handcrafted recipes and garnish with a twist of tropical tiki vibes, and you have the recipe for cocktail culture in Greater Palm Springs. From its historic haunts to its modern mixologists, this oasis is no stranger to lush libations. Old Hollywood once frequented the bars where a new guard is now rediscovering the old classics, and Wander List host Anndee Laskoe is taking you on the ultimate bar crawl to experience it all. Join her in this episode for a drink—or two—as you sip your way through cocktail culture in Greater Palm Springs.

For more on Greater Palm Springs' cocktail culture, visit Anndee's Wander List blog.

A wonderland of bright hues, gorgeous goods and vacation vibes awaits at designer Candice Held’s Greater Palm Springs boutiques. The local designer draws inspiration from the beauty of the oasis, whose bold colors and dramatic landscapes serve as inspiration for her fashion-forward collections. Inside her boutique, vintage scarves are expertly crafted into resort-ready dresses and tunics that reflect an effortless style that’s uniquely Greater Palm Springs. Discover this desert chic paradise with host Anndee Laskoe in this episode of Wander List.

For more on Candice Held, visit Anndee's Wander List blog.

Rincon Norteño

There’s something special about stumbling upon a true local gem, the kind that somehow remains a hidden hole-in-the-wall to most visitors while maintaining cult status among locals. And that’s exactly what Rincon Norteño has done for more than 50 years. Since 1964, the Flores family has been serving up authentic, Norteño-style Mexican fare in Indio, luring locals back for endless bowls of warm salsa and hot plates topped with some of the best enchiladas in town. Hungry yet? Get a taste of Norteño-style cooking as host Anndee Laskoe meets the family behind this local favorite in this episode of Wander List, and discover why locals are in love with Rincon Norteño.

Hungry for more? Check out Anndee's full take on Rincon Norteño on her blog.

Joshua Tree

Wander outside Greater Palm Springs to a high desert wonderland where the Colorado and Mojave Deserts collide. This is Joshua Tree, an enigmatic landscape that never fails to stir creativity within those who visit. Locals and artists alike have long flocked to this magical land to immerse themselves in its mysterious energy, with artists like U2, the Rolling Stones and John Lennon among them. Discover why Joshua Tree holds a special place in Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes’ heart as he and host Anndee Laskoe wander this surreal desert in this episode of Wander List.

For more on Anndee's Joshua Tree experience, visit her blog.

Palm Canyon

Majestic mountains surround Greater Palm Springs, luring visitors with a siren’s song of wildflower blooms and incredible rock formations—but these are far from the only treasures hidden within these ancient canyons. A closer look reveals a true treasure and the mountains’ best-kept secret: Palm Canyon, the world’s largest undisturbed palm oasis. Join Wander List host Anndee Laskoe as she discovers the lore and legend surrounding Palm Canyon from the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, who have protected the oasis for centuries. Listen closely: Mother Nature’s siren song is calling. For more on this adventure, check out Laskoe’s blog.

Note: This video was shot during the spring super-bloom. While the many oases in the Palm Springs Indian Canyons stay green year-round, the surrounding hillsides do not always remain this lush.

San Andreas Fault

Spectacular beauty rises from the mountains of Greater Palm Springs, but what lies beneath just might shake you to your core—literally. Meet the San Andreas Fault, whose dramatic slot canyons and otherworldly outcroppings highlight the stunning strength of Mother Nature. As tranquil as it is picturesque, it’s hard to believe these striped canyons could one day be at the heart of the “Big One.” Discover this deep divide for yourself as Wander List guide Anndee Laskoe takes you on a wild ride into this epicenter of excitement. For more details on this adventure check out the blog.


Feathered beauties hide in plain sight throughout the oasis, where lush gardens and natural preserves offer a haven for both birds and birdwatchers alike. Listen closely, and you’ll hear their songs fill the desert air. Look closely, and a brightly colored beak or a slight ruffle of leaves might reveal a lovely feathered sight. Join Wander List host Anndee Laskoe on a flight of fancy as she follows the feathers through gardens, canyons and even a dedicated wild bird center. It’s time to find the birds of paradise. For more behind the scenes tidbits and photos check out the blog

Cactus Mart

Dig around in the high desert, and you’ll unearth the ultimate souvenir: your very own cactus. A historic roadside sign off of Highway 62 offers the irresistibly prickly proposal to dig your own cactus for just 59 cents—and it’s been Cactus Mart’s slogan since the 1960s. But much more than blooming cacti await at this quirky find, like a local artisan boutique and, of course, the Cactus Mart cats. Join Wander List host Anndee Laskoe as she digs into this roadside stop and all of its prickly glory. For more behind the scenes tidbits and photos check out the blog

The Date Shed

Even after the last crowds leave the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the music never stops at Empire Polo Club. In an unassuming shed tucked in a far corner of the polo grounds, Coachella Fest meets 1970s-era Sunset Strip all year long at The Date Shed. At first glance, one would hardly assume this former storage shed has hosted ska bands like The Expendables or R&B legends like Bone, Thugs-N-Harmony, but maybe that’s why The Date Shed’s rather casual stage is one of Indio’s best-kept secrets. Discover the surprises of this one-of-a-kind venue with Wander List host Anndee Laskoe. Check out Laskoe’s blog for more tidbits on The Date Shed.

Desert Distilling

What’s bubbling behind these warehouse doors? Small batches of local libations, made in a modern-day lab. Here, two brothers handcraft triple-distilled vodka, American Gin and White Rum—the signature spirits of the first and only distillery in Greater Palm Springs. Belly up to the bar with Wander List guide, Anndee Laskoe, to meet the brothers behind Desert Distilling and their signature, small-batch spirits. After all, when we say local libations, we mean it.

Lord Fletcher’s

Any restaurant can set the mood—but only a special few can send you back in time. Our Wander List pick? Lord Fletcher’s, the legendary haunt of Frank Sinatra himself. In fact, not much has changed since Ol’ Blue Eyes dined in this English-style restaurant. Eccentric odds and ends fill the Shakespearean dining room, all handpicked by the owner’s father in 1966, and behind the bar stands only the third man to mix classic cocktails here. Even the chef has been here since 1977. Fill up on nostalgia with our Wander List guide, Anndee Laskoe, and learn the legends behind Lord Fletcher’s.

Banana Museum

Peel away the layers of glistening waters and mountain vistas at the Salton Sea, and you’ll reveal a local gem that is truly bananas. In fact, you might even call it a banana bonanza. Boasting more than 25,000 banana-themed trinkets, the International Banana Museum is a treat for all ages, whether you’re bellying up to the banana bar for a milkshake or slipping into a banana costume to make your own banana shake. In this Wander List episode, monkey around with host Anndee Laskoe as we go bananas at this delightful Greater Palm Springs gem. Check out Anndee Laskoe’s blog for more details.

Gubler Orchids

Surrounded by a sea of brightly blooming orchids, you might think the Mojave Desert is playing tricks on you—but this is no mirage. These exotic flowers blossom at Gubler Orchids, a top-quality nursery whose roots date back to 1918. Wander through this unexpected tropical wonderland and meet the three generations of men behind the greenhouse with Wander List host Anndee Laskoe. With this exclusive look at the vivid hues of Gubler Orchids, you’ll discover the true beauty of the unexpected. Gubler Orchids is open to the public for greenhouse tours. For more on this adventure, check out Anndee Laskoe’s Blog

San Jacinto

Take your wanderlust to new heights – literally – as you venture into Mount San Jacinto National Monument, the apex of adventure in Greater Palm Springs. Head into the wild with your Wander List guide, Anndee Laskoe, and discover the very extremes that inspired the writings of naturalist John Muir. As you join her for this journey through an endless carpet of pines and weathered granite spires to reach the peak’s unbelievable vistas, you’ll unearth San Jacinto’s deepest secret: the beauty bursting from these trails is worth every step. For more on this adventure, check out Anndee Laskoe’s Blog. 

Coachella Walls & Beyond

A renaissance is rising from the walls of Coachella, where the oldest form of artistic expression remains one of the city’s best kept secrets. Let Wander List guide Anndee Laskoe take you behind the date groves and into the hidden side streets of the city, where artists like Armando Lerma are sharing stories of history, culture and empowerment through robust murals. There’s a reason international and local artists are drawn to these “Coachella Walls.” As you’ll see, these walls can talk.

Check out Anndee Laskoe's blog for more details. 

***A special thank you to the amazing homegrown musicians who began their musical careers in the Coachella Valley.***

Music Credits: Fatso Jetson: (song) Heavenly Hearse and Brant Bjork: (songs) Lazy Bones, Automatic Fantastic. 


Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

There’s something whimsical about Cabot’s Pueblo Museum. Maybe it’s the perfect patchwork of reclaimed materials that fashion this entirely hand-built pueblo or perhaps it’s the menagerie of odds and ends that fill the pueblo’s staggering four floors and 35 rooms. Then again, as Wander List guide Anndee Laskoe takes you for a peek inside this spectacular landmark, you might just find that the magic lies with the man behind the museum: Cabot Yerxa. A homesteader, innovator and activist, Cabot’s worldly travels always led back to his beloved Desert Hot Springs. See how his lifetime of extraordinary adventure lives on through his desert masterpiece.

For more personal tidbits on Cabot’s Pueblo Museum check out Anndee Laskoe’s Wander List blog.