Sweet or savory? Greater Palm Springs has you covered with local favorites to please all ages! Watch the videos below as our Chill Chaser, Amy Yerrington, takes you on a virtual food tour to share all the mouth-watering details. You won't have to leave your house to bring these oasis flavors into your kitchen.

TKB Bakery and Deli (Curbside and takeout currently available)

First stop on the virtual food tour: TKB Bakery & Deli, named the “The Kids’ Business.” These siblings started selling cookie dough door-to-door and have since transformed this to a business. Amy gives you a bite of what can be found in their storefront bakery and deli as she creates a fan favorite sandwich, “The Trump.” This sandwich features avocado, salami, turkey, bacon chipotle mayo and to top it off, chips stuffed between the layers and was made as a result of a return customer trying to “trump” his previous sandwich.

Bring the flavors to your kitchen: Enjoy some crunch in your next lunch, try adding some of your favorite potato chips to your sandwich.

Brandini Toffee (Takeout currently available)

Next up, Brandini Toffee—handcrafting simple ingredients into sweet indulgences. What began as a way to earn money for a high school trip has now grown into a family-run toffee shop since 2006. Brandon and Amy show us how these locally-made toffee bites and toffee popcorn are created. With all this toffee talk, are you ready for a sweet treat?

Bring the flavors to your kitchen: Look no further than their online toffee shop.

Shields Date Garden (Takeout currently available)

Lastly, an online date? That’s exactly what you will find here as Amy take you around Shields Date Garden. Established in 1924, has become a staple of Greater Palm Springs where you can (virtually) tour the 17-acre date garden and get a glimpse of why dates shakes are an iconic piece of Greater Palm Springs. These locally harvested and grown dates are delicious on their own, but mix them in with an ice cream base and they will melt in your mouth! 

Bring the flavors to your kitchen: If you have date crystals, perfect! If you don’t, grab a few of those sweet and sticky dates, some vanilla ice cream and blend. You just may have your new favorite dessert.