As the Chill Chaser, escaping “chill” is not usually my goal. However, I finally discovered one chill experience that is totally about the escape.  Feeling just a little nervous about what unknown things might lie ahead (I don’t do scary), I asked some friends to join me for my first experience at the Escape Room in Palm Springs. What surprised us was that it wasn’t about “scary”; it was more about brainpower and trying to beat that darn clock!

With that in mind, I was pretty stoked to take on this challenge that was all about solving the puzzle and escaping. Once you enter the room, you are trapped for 60 minutes with clever clues, codes and puzzles—even a mysterious key. Obviously, this is a suspense movie-- starring you! And I was ALL about it!

I was totally confident we would figure it out, no big deal—even without asking for help. Growing up, I read every Nancy Drew book. I mean, total bookworm. Yep, that was me! You’d think I had trained my entire youth for this moment! I honestly thought we were going to outsmart the clues in the room and would not need any help. But that was not the case at all! It was a defeating moment when we asked for that clue – but we were so glad we did. Playing this real life adventure game is no walk in the park. Our brains were getting totally fried but it was the first time my friends and I were put in a situation like this and challenged in this kind of way. It was different and fun.

We didn’t make it out as planned, but we did have a blast! And it’s nothing a good margarita can’t fix! We decided this was the perfect Friday night out with friends.

After all, you can never really escape the chill, but why would you ever want to?