"To infinity and beyond" more like "art is everywhere in Greater Palm Springs and beyond"! In recent years, the explosion of rich art culture has flourished throughout the nine cities. With the wide open spaces, swaying palm trees and beautiful picturesque mountains, it's no wonder many artists are inspired in this SoCal oasis. If you're an art lover, enjoy a journey of some of our notable pieces and sculptures right from the comfort of your home! Watch with this virtual playlist, as Wander List host Anndee Laskoe brings these murals and outdoor sculptures to life and take a journey of CODA Gallery.

Although our destination attractions are temporarily closed, we invite you to enjoy a virtual tour of Greater Palm Springs through our Wander List series.

Coachella Walls & Beyond

What's the best-kept secret in Greater Palm Springs? Murals! Throughout this Southern California oasis, you'll discover beautiful hand-painted visions and expressions of empowerment. These murals are so big, it takes a full moment to take in all the magic. In the city of Coachella, colorful walls tell a story of social significance and culture. Artists from all around the world visit this destination to be a part of the renaissance movement. As artist Armando Lerma describes murals in Greater Palm Springs, "Instead of looking back and doing what the traditional ways were of painting, we're pushing forward culture." Let Wander List guide Anndee take you on an online street tour so inspiring, you'll be wanting to grab a paintbrush by the end! 

CODA Gallery

Take a virtual tour of CODA Gallery's latest exhibit by Karen Shapiro. This free online experience showcases inspiring and expertly-crafted raku ceramics of Karen Shapiro. From the comfort of your home, take a few minutes to feel inspired by these fun iconic designs. If you fall in love with what you see, browse through Shapiro's art collection on the page available for purchase.  

Desert Canvas: Outdoor Art

Go beyond traditional art spaces and virtually see the magnificent art mecca that is Greater Palm Springs. Out in the vast open spaces of golden sand are unique sculptures hiding yet waiting to be found. Like a treasure, these marvelous sculptures are purposely placed for all those who are ready to go on art scavenger hunt. From past art events like Desert X to current art experiences like the World Famous Crochet Museum, Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, and art installations in Slab City, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this art oasis. Watch above as Anndee takes you on a tour of open-air art installations.