Find your sense of wanderlust as Wander List host Anndee Laskoe takes you on a virtual adventure to find unique gems in the Southern California desert. From the high desert to the Mojave desert and with a few stops in-between, this playlist takes you through a portal of irresistible desert stops and roadside attractions. Gather your maps, take a seat and get ready to enjoy the ride! 

Although our destination attractions are temporarily closed, we invite you to enjoy a virtual experience through our Wander List series.

Keys Ranch in Joshua Tree National Park

Nestled in the heart of Joshua Tree National Park lies a place that will transport you back to the past. Built in 1800 by Bill Keys as a homestead, Keys Ranch is a glimpse into California’s pioneer history. What makes this location so magical is the feeling of innovation in an era where daily life was an adventure. Wander with Anndee as she shows you life during the gold rush and the treasures of Keys Ranch, a National Historic Site. 

International Banana Museum

Let's just say you might find this next gem quite a-peeling! Located next to the Salton Sea, the International Banana Museum is a delightful yellow surprise. This museum is B-A-N-A-N-A-S with everything one could imagine in the shape of the delicious fruit. Fun, entertaining and even yummy, the International Banana Museum has over 25,000 banana-themed trinkets and collectibles on display for your viewing pleasure. At the museum, visitors can enjoy a banana shake or a hand-dipped banana but don't feel left out! Join in at home with a banana or a banana shake! Peel back the layers of the International Banana Museum with Anndee and marvel at a World Record collection sure to make you feel a whole bunch happier. 

Cactus Mart

Quirky, prickly and oh-so-on-point! Built in 1960, you can find this special gem in Morongo Valley, CA. Step into a world of succulents and cacti, where digging up your own plant is part of the process. Even from your home, you can feel the serene ambiance. This roadside attraction has all the irresistibly prickly plants for collecting or just admiring. As you (virtually) wander through the grounds, you'll find much more than cacti, local artisan crafts and a signature sign that brings visitors in. Join Anndee as she digs into this roadside stop and all of its prickly glory.

Gubler Orchids

From the comfort of your home, step into an unexpected, serene and tropical wonderland. In the middle of the Mojave desert, Gubler Orchids placed its roots in Landers, CA. At this nursery, the colorful, fragrant and diverse orchids are grown by the thousands. You can say it's a true flower dreamland. Watch the video above and wander the aisles of this lovely greenhouse with Anndee.  

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