The majestic mountains of Greater Palm Springs draw visitors with their incredible rock formations and lush, springtime blooms—but these are far from the only treasures hidden within these ancient canyons. In this episode of Wander List, discover the mountains’ best-kept secret: Palm Canyon.

Here, visitors can walk under towering California fan palms, dip their toes into flowing streams and spot the wildlife that calls the oasis home. As the largest undisturbed palm oasis in the world, Palm Canyon feels like an entirely other world.

This oasis was once the home of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, who believed an elder transformed into a palm tree here to provide a stable home for his tribe. For centuries, the tribe lived in harmony with the oasis, and today, the tribe continues to protect this sacred land and share the spirit of Palm Canyon with visitors.

It is a land filled with both nature’s beauty and a deeply spiritual history—and it can only be experienced in Greater Palm Springs.

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Note: This video was shot during the spring super-bloom. While the many oases in the Palm Springs Indian Canyons stay green year-round, the surrounding hillsides do not always remain this lush.