With palms swaying and blue skies above, Greater Palm Springs has plenty of outdoor spaces to experience from the comfort of your own home! Follow our Wander List host Anndee Laskoe as she heads outdoors and explores local palm oases. From 210 feet below sea level to over 8,000 feet above, these adventures will show you the best of Greater Palm Springs' natural wonders and leave you ready to explore more of the great outdoors.

Although our destination attractions are temporarily closed, we invite you to enjoy a virtual tour of Greater Palm Springs through our Wander List series.

Explore the Palm Oases


In the shadows of towering mountains sit some of the deserts’ most incredible assets, palm oases. Large clusters of desert fan palms can be found throughout Greater Palm Springs and the outlying desert regions. The trees thrive here along springs, streams, or seeps near the San Andreas Fault zone and support several species of rare and protected wildlife. Walk with Wander List host, Anndee Laskoe, as she shares a glimpse of Palm Canyon, Coachella Valley Preserve and Dos Palmas and see why this experience is one you won’t want to miss.

Palm Canyon


Pause and take a closer look at Palm Canyon, briefly mentioned in the video above. Here, the horizon gets lost in awe as you walk among the giants and marvel at the largest undisturbed palm oasis in the world. Majestic mountains surround Greater Palm Springs filled with wildflower blooms and incredible rock formations—but these are far from the only treasures hidden within these ancient canyons. Join Wander List host, Anndee, as she discovers the lore and legend surrounding Palm Canyon from the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, who have protected the oasis for centuries. Listen closely: Mother Nature’s siren song is calling. This video was shot during the super-bloom in Spring 2019.

Hiking in Greater Palm Springs


Close your eyes and picture the following: wind in your hair, the blue sky above and dust at your feet. Can you sense the peace found on the trails in Greater Palm Springs? Video host, Anndee, gives you a glimpse of just four of the paths you can take from the terrain of Joshua Tree National Park to portions of the famed Pacific Crest Trail. Adventure is everywhere you look in this outdoor oasis. Trails featured in this segment include The Living Desert Wilderness trail: Mission Creek Preserve, Cove to Lake Trail and Vargas Palms.

Bouldering at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


This special spot in the Southern California mountains has attracted droves of outdoor enthusiasts. It’s not the hiking they’re coming for, it’s another force that is putting them horizontal, vertical, and sometimes flat on their backs. When it comes to climbing, Mount San Jacinto State park is a wonderland of rocks. Atop the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, these boulders offer climbers different level of challenges. Learn the ropes of bouldering with Wander List host, Anndee, a sport that uses no ropes at all in this video.