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National Plan for Vacation Day
U.S. Travel Association designated January 29, 2019 as National Plan for Vacation Day, where destinations help encourage Americans to plan their time off. The CVB chose to support this initiative with a 24-hour sweepstakes. The first component included an Instagram Story as an organic piece to entice current fans to stay tuned for the actual sweepstakes. Using the poll feature, this story garnered over 8,000 impressions, and the CVB learned activity preferences from current audience members that can be used to create content in the future. With over 700 entries, the CVB had an incredible amount of positive sentiment and engagement. As you can imagine, fans were excited at the idea of a new activity or were ready to come back and do their bucket list all over again.

The static posts across platforms reached a total of 160,000 accounts, with 94% of those reached on Instagram not already following the CVB. There were over 4,000 engagements and nearly 200 new followers to the CVB Instagram channel. Looking forward, the CVB should continue to play with native features and tease sweepstakes out ahead of time.

  • Facebook

    The CVB’s top posts on Facebook for video views and engagement included an activity that is easily accessible. Though it didn’t include a call-to-action (Visit Greater Palm Springs Facebook PostCTA) related to post engagement, people tagged their friends in the comments, creating larger reach and impressions.

    In January and February, four videos were published on Facebook with 240,000+ video views. The CVB has also had nearly 10,000 clicks to the website from Facebook and over 7,000 engagements.

    In 2019, we are continuing to track website clicks to monitor progress towards our goals. After analyzing the highest and lowest performing posts driving traffic to the CVB website, we see the biggest difference between the two being where the link is posted: Links in post copy perform better than links in comments. Context is also important: The Desert X post was inviting people to learn more about a limited-time experience while the vacation homes video CTA is to watch the video. Viewers likely received the information that they need from the video.

    GPS Social Facebook Metrics

  • Instagram

    In the first two months of 2019, the CVB has seen over one million impressions on Instagram, over 30,000 video views and over 80,000 engagements.

    Top-performing posts for January and February included sunsets and short copy. Monitoring the performance of posts will be continue to be a priority as the CVB evaluates content to best optimize future posts.

    Instagram Stories continues to be a platform to feature in-the-moment events and happenings in Greater Palm Springs. The top story for February included bright-colored, Instagram-able architecture. The CVB will look to distribute bright, oasis stories to share with followers and increase organic reach. January metrics surpassed February as the Plan for Vacation Day promotion was pushed out on Instagram.

    As placed in our 2019 strategy, video content is currently being created according with Instagram best practices. These videos will begin rolling out in April and will drive up our video views to pacing for annual goal.

    We want to see and share your photos as well! Use #FindYourOasis for a chance to be featured.

    GPS Social Instagram Metrics

  • Twitter

    The CVB is steadily increasing fans and impressions on pace with annual goals. Twitter has two metrics that the CVB is adjusting media placement to better stride towards. Videos are also being edited with platform optimization in mind. These will begin rolling out in April, and we will see those incrementals increase.

    GPS Twitter Post

    Similar to Facebook, top-performing tweets included accessible activities in Greater Palm Springs that people could plan into their next visit. The tweet with the highest impressions included a video, as Twitter prioritizes this type of media into the feed.

    GPS Social Twitter Metrics

  • YouTube

    The CVB’s YouTube channel has distributed 8 series videos in 2019 totaling near 1.5 million video views. We have also seen a steady rise in subscribers, which we contribute to regularly scheduled content, optimizing series thumbnails and video performance.

    Videos under four minutes were the top-performing content this month. Shorter videos are showing the higher completion rates, but longer videos have performed well in the past also. The CVB will continue to monitor video length to optimize future content.

    The CVB had a spike in YouTube subscribers in February. We have included a new stretch goal of 750 so we can continue to progress through 2019.

    GPS Social Youtube Metrics

  • dineGPS: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

    dineGPS impressions on Facebook increased as a result of video promotion. The CVB has created stretch goals for 2019 to aim for ambitious results throughout the year. Additionally, media spend will be directed to focus on website clicks and engagement goals.

    The highest-engaged content on the dineGPS Faecbook page continues to be the CraftGPS video series, most recently the video on The Edge Steakhouse.

    dineGPS Facebook Metrics

    On Instagram, bright posts with short copy continue to perform best.

    The CVB dineGPS channels are ramping up towards Restaurant Week. The Restaurant Week Facebook Event has been created to gain more organic reach. The Restaurant Week social media placements will kick off in March with a newsletter sign-up promotion. Looking forward, the CVB is also looking to work with influencers to gain followers to the channels.

    dineGPS Instagram Metrics

    Look for promotion of more participating Restaurant Week Partners on all channels as the CVB continues to promote the culinary scene in Greater Palm Springs. 

    The CVB created these stretch goals above because we were pacing ahead in specific categories through February. We will continue to set stretch goals for the remaining 2019 goal categories.

    dineGPS Twitter Metrics


If you have any questions about CVB Social Media, please contact:
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