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Color comes alive in the City of Eternal Sunshine, whose rich Hispanic heritage shines through in community events like Día de los Muertos and authentic Mexican cuisine you won’t find anywhere else in Greater Palm Springs, From Jalisco, a landmark Coachella restaurant that has been a favorite of many since 1980 to El Tranvia, owned by Oscar Ventura, whose grandparents once sold tacos out of a pushcart in their native Zamora, Mexico. It is said that the tacos here will change your life. Take a trip down the street and you'll find Las Tres Conchitas, Coachella's very first bakery where you can purchase authentic Mexican sweet bread and baked goods. Die-hard foodies can even book an agri-tour to get an up-close look at the fields of brightly hued fruits and vegetables that surround the city. Learn how growers cultivate their crops, many of which end up on your plate at some of Greater Palm Springs’ finest restaurants.

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Equally colorful — and perhaps one of the area’s best-kept secrets — are the Coachella Walls, beautiful murals painted by local artists throughout downtown that celebrate the city’s people and history. Stroll the historic sidewalks with a self-guided tour and admire their artistry. Coachella is also known for its two high-stakes casino properties, Augustine Casino and Spotlight 29 Casino, for those who like to extend the fun well into the night. 

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2:20 Coachella Walls & Beyond ~ Wander List

Coachella Walls & Beyond

A renaissance is rising from the walls of Coachella, where the oldest form of artistic expression remains one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Let Wander List guide Anndee Laskoe take you behind the date groves and into the hidden side streets of the city, where...



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