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$400 Spa or Boutique Credit

Give yourself or the ones you love a gift of health this Spring with our doctor monitored Renewal Cleanse Program!

Special Limited Time Offer

When you book a retreat for yourself by April 15th you will be gifted a $400 Spa and Boutique Credit to be used during the May retreat. Or refer a friend to book the same retreat and you will be gifted a $400 Spa and Boutique Gift Certificate to be used for yourself anytime or transfer the gift certificate to a0 friend to use during the retreat or another time.  Hurry offer ends April 15th! 


Feel lighter and more energetic while being monitored daily by master physicians Dr. Klaper and Dr. Soler!  

Join Michael Klaper, M.D. and Antonio Soler, M.D., yoga teachers Alese Jones or Ladybeth Gonzalez and the talented healers and therapists at The Spring Resort & Spa  for a week of water and juice cleansing that will leave you more energized and balanced on a cellular level.  


Upcoming Retreats

May 19-24 with Dr. Michael Klaper and Alese Jones 

June 30 - July 5 with Dr. Soler and Ladybeth Gonzalez 

Highlights of the Retreat

- Blood tests reviewed by the doctor prior to arrival to ensure health and safety

- Medically supervised water fast or juice cleanse option

- Fresh pressed organic juices and distilled water 

- Daily one-on-one meetings with the doctor

- Daily lectures on plant based education and healthy living 

- Plant-based food preparation class 

- Daily gentle yoga and meditation classes 

- One complimentary infrared sauna and colon hydrotherapy session 

- Evening programs such as Mandala art class, sound bath, movie night and more!

Medically Supervised Water Fast or Juice Cleanse

Each guest will submit a confidential questionnaire and health history form prior to arrival along with submitting basic blood work testing (CBC, CMP and HgbA1c).  Your blood work panel will be reviewed by our doctors to ensure your health and safety during the retreat. Our doctors stay onsite during the duration of the retreat and are available 24 hours.  Every morning you will meet privately with the doctor to take your vital signs, review the status of your cleanse and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Daily Lectures on Applied Nutrition, Plant-Based Education and Healthy Living

Every morning our doctors will explain the complicated inner workings of the body in  light hearted, easy to understand lectures with supporting presentations.  Learn how the Standard American Diet (SAD) interferes with normal body function causing disease and how a whole food, plant-based lifestyle will help keep you healthy. 

Daily Ask the Doctor Q & A Session

Every afternoon our doctors will answer your questions about the material learned in the morning sessions in the Q & A session.  The discussions will result in a host of inspiring ideas and new confidence to aid you in your healing journey. 

Plant-Based Food Education Class  

Enjoy a food preparation class demonstrating the principles of a whole food, plant-based diet and no added sugar, oil or salt (SOS). Learn how to make foods like oil-free salad dressings, nut milks, cashew cheese, soups and many other ways to prepare raw and cooked vegetables. 

Daily Gentle Hatha Yoga and Meditation

Each day you will be guided by our trained yoga instructors through a gentle Hatha yoga session finishing with a mindful meditation to start the day.   Hatha Yoga is designed to help detoxify the body and clarify the mind.

Evening Programs

We have planned a number of interesting and interactive activities including a meditative Mandala art class to expand your creative side, a sound bath in the mineral springs to awaken you body and mind, an inspirational movie night or an astronomy talk while stargazing under the spectacular desert sky with Dr. Klaper.

Day Spa Services 

Complete your retreat with professional services that support detoxification such as therapeutic massage, clarifying facials, cleansing body scrubs, detoxifying body wraps, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna sessions and more in our own day spa on property.  One complimentary infrared sauna and one colon hydrotherapy session is included in the retreat.