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Hot Springs anyone? Find your Oasis right here!

Find your absolute this true geothermal hot springs Oasis.  Come on over to the El Morocco Inn and Day Spa-just give us a call!

$50 per person for the day between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Your visit is completely free with any 1-hour massage or body treatment!
Included with your Day Spa visit is the complimentary use of our Steam or 2 Far-Infrared Dry Saunas.  These saunas offer a penetrating heat that moves throughout your entire body. This type of Sauna is unparalleled in its ability to promote a restorative, healthful and energizing experience. Combined with our healing mineral water pools, you will leave thoroughly relaxed.

We'll also provide you with a locker, pool towel and robe during your day with us.  We also offer complimentary French pressed coffee, our famous Moroccan Mint Tea and delicious drinking water.

If you can't spend the whole day, take a look at our mini-packages too. 

Call us today and come for a restorative soak with friends!