The CVB Communications team had a productive November and December, attending multiple events out of market and hosting both individual and group media FAMs in Greater Palm Springs.

The team ended 2019 with several key publications in market, including Women’s Health Australia, CAA Magazine Canada and HUG Magazine France, and also hosted a dedicated German press FAM, a Visit California Canadian culinary FAM and Chinese influencers on a California road trip.

  • Film Oasis

    October 2019 Production Report
    In October, our area had one major feature, which booked 1,700 room nights alone. We also had five still photography productions and one commercial, which resulted in a minimum of 13 additional overnight stays.

     Jan BR_Comms_Chart 1

    November 2019 Production Report
    In November, our area had three feature films starring major Hollywood talent with a combined total of 3,580 room nights booked. We also had 10 still photography shoots and several other productions, which resulted in a minimum of 16 additional overnight stays. 

    Jan BR_Comms_Chart 2


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