In May, the Communications team hosted no media on the ground in Greater Palm Springs, but engagement with media continued. After gathering information from editors’ panels and travel media industry research, the team conducted planning—aligning publications, editorial calendars and destination opportunities—for short/long-lead pitch opportunities that will support the reopening.

National Travel & Tourism Week, the newly released "Find Your Oasis Remix" destination music video and economic impact of the pandemic were key media touchpoints. 

In addition, in partnership with San Francisco Travel and Switzerland Tourism, the communications team hosted a webinar titled "The Next Normal" for the Bay Area Travel Writers Association. It was an opportunity to share Greater Palm Springs’ preparedness to welcome back travelers from Northern California.

Below are dashboards showing our year-to-date total PR Quality Score and article stats. The PR Quality Score measures content coverage on a point system based on story type, media tier, visuals and coverage placement. Scores for earned media range from a low of 2 points to a high of 10 points.

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