In April, the CVB Communications team continued to inform media on the CVB’s local initiatives, which focused on increasing contributions to the Hospitality Workforce Relief Fund and promotion of National Travel and Tourism Week. In addition, the team managed ongoing requests for information on the impact to the local tourism economy and recovery plans. 

The Communications team conducted a quarterly Tourism Marketing Grant meeting with California Desert Region partners and participated in roundtable discussions with Bay Area Travel Writers Association and Wellness Tourism Association. The team maintained key media relationships with discussions around the current trends and the changing media landscape as a result of COVID-19. Media have expressed positive sentiment toward Greater Palm Springs as post-pandemic destination.

Below are dashboards showing our year-to-date total PR Quality Score and article stats. The PR Quality Score measures content coverage on a point system based on story type, media tier, visuals and coverage placement. Scores for earned media range from a low of 2 points to a high of 10 points.

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