In May, the CVB website saw a 70% drop in traffic year-over-year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Year-to-date, the CVB website is down 36% in traffic compared to 2019.

In response to the crisis, the CVB has continued to develop and maintain community resources on its CVB website, including:

Page May Pageviews Total Pageviews
“Stay In, Take Out” Restaurant Resource Page 12,953 51,146
“Oasis at Home” Virtual Experiences & Video Playlists 2,239 11,078
“Seniors First” Grocery Resource Page 714 3,962
Zoom Backgrounds 892 3,367
Consumer Resource Page 614 2,415
Hospitality Workforce Relief Fund 544 1,649
Partner Resource Microsite 323 1,425
Volunteer Opportunities 164 867
Destination Pledge 41 41


The CVB website will continue to act as a resource for the community during this situation.

Below are dashboards showing our year-to-date total website traffic, engagement and conversion rates.

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