In 2019, the social media team drove traffic to the CVB website and increased awareness of Greater Palm Springs. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter totaled 26M+ impressions, 3.8M video views and 100K+ website clicks. The dineGPS social media channels totaled 4M+ impressions and drove 480K video views of the dineGPS and craftGPS series and 20K+ clicks to the CVB website.

Looking ahead for 2020, the CVB will present social media goals in “buckets” to be more adaptable and respond to changes within the specific social media channels. These buckets will include impressions, video views and website clicks, as they are consistent measurements across platforms.

Below are dashboards displaying our 2019 year-end total for social media statistics. The monthly numbers will be updated by the 10th of the following month. 

An arrow in the upper right-hand corner of a data box below indicates additional information is available. Click to open.

If you have any questions about CVB Social Media, please contact:
Krystal Kusmieruk, Digital Marketing Manager | | 760.969.1337