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Palm Springs Windmill Tours

The Palm Springs Windmill Self-Driving Tours is an interactive, educational and fun tour for friends and family. The tour is curated by Randy Buckmaster, Tour Manager, in which he will guide you along with an audio program and marked destination's throughout the first commercial wind farm in the United States. The tour starts with a display yard of non-operating wind turbines of successes and failures, along with a stop to a real generating wind turbine where you can get up close and take pictures. The tour ends with a stop at the old Enron machines. There you can exit on 19th Avenue to Indian Canyon Road more knowledgeable about renewable energy! The tour takes approximately one hour depending on your pace. We ask that you respect others by not gathering at the marked destinations. Please allow cars ahead of you to finish their exploration before your turn.

Health and Safety Summary
  • Safer Together Pledge:
  • Details: Features and benefits of Self-Driving Tours include for safe practicing include: Customers will arrive in their own automobile, check in electronically and then engage in a self-driving tour curated by audio with video stopping at ten points of interest identified by clearly visible markers. The audio/video tour is sent along with an email confirmation after booking with options to view online, or just listen to a podcast in audio format on a sanitized tablet. Customers are encouraged to stop and exit the car to view up to 10 exhibits with 11 and 12 as optional ending up above a vista for great photo ops, but are required to wear masks at all times while on property and stay within 50 feet of the markers for safe social distancing. A ranger will be on property to make sure requirements are enforced or for other purposes should the need arise. Upon entering the private wind farm, customers are scheduled to start every 15 minutes to allow for ample time for each party to review the exhibits. At each point of interest they will be allowed out of their automobiles, but required to be masked and stay within 50 ft. of the markers and experience no interaction with any other group as the markers are at least 50 yards apart. The tour headquarters building will remain closed to ensure that there will be no ability by the visitors to interact with anyone other than their own family/group. No vehicle will be allowed to contain more than eight persons. We chose that number because that is the number that can ride in a minivan and we think that the bulk of our visitors will be families desperate to get their children out of the house in a safe and managed fashion.
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  • Tour Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Tour Schedule: Daily 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
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62950 20th Avenue
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