The Oasis Is Real

Meet in Greater Palm Springs

Picture breathtaking breakout sessions against a backdrop of awe-inspiring mountains. Envision your team engaged in poolside brainstorms, where ideas shine brighter in the ever-glowing sun. See receptions unfold beneath a natural symphony of swaying palm trees, as the gentle breeze rustles through the fronds.

This isn’t a meetings mirage — it’s the reality of meeting in the oasis of Greater Palm Springs. 

Whether it’s our stress-free airport, our distinctive venues and outdoor spaces, or our endless rejuvenating sunshine, in Greater Palm Springs, dreams transform into reality, and meetings become extraordinary moments.  

Oasis Incentive

Visit GPS invites meeting professionals from around the world to experience top-tier meetings facilities, award-winning hotels and iconic attractions with an exclusive rebate. It’s not a mirage — the oasis is real.

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Arrive Inspired

Fly With Ease in Greater Palm Springs

In Greater Palm Springs, meeting success begins upon landing. Passengers exchange the long lines and wait times at other airports for a calming open-air stroll along outdoor walkways arriving at their meeting destination fresh and relaxed.