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Say no to room service and yes to booking a table at one of Greater Palm Springs’ fine dining restaurants or casual eateries, where chefs are known for using fresh, locally grown ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. We love food (and cocktails) so much here that we have entire events dedicated to celebrating the culinary world, including Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival and Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week.

Chill Group Dining Deals in Greater Palm Springs

If you’ll be dining out with a group and are worried about finding a menu that meets everyone’s tastes, don’t fret. From upscale steakhouses and stylish sushi bars to quaint French bistros and romantic Italian restaurants, our oasis overflows with cuisines of all kinds, and our featured food and drink specials can help you save at some of the top restaurants and bars. A quick tip if you’re traveling mid-week: Many Palm Springs restaurants participate in Wine Wednesdays, meaning you can save up to 50 percent on a bottle of bubbly or vino for your group. 

Ready to make your reservations? Scroll down for our current Chill Deals on Greater Palm Springs restaurants.




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