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In 2022, Visit Greater Palm Springs (VGPS) website supported leisure marketing campaigns including Summer Travel, What Will You Find, and Oasis of Art. Other digital campaigns included Restaurant Week, Summer Eats Pass, Getaway Offers, Oasis Adventures, and signature events.

Awareness campaigns included Benefits of Tourism, Workforce Development, and Remote Work.

VGPS finished the year with sessions at 109% of target goal and 104% of 2019 actual sessions. Contributing to this was organic traffic that increased to the website by 19.6%. This substantially outperformed other DMOs industry-wide, which, on average, saw a 3.2% decrease in organic sessions. The homepage increased 22.9% in organic traffic. Contributing to the increase in organic traffic, over 84 blogs were published to the website, which resulted in over 1 million pageviews for the year.

Bounce rate saw a ~3% increase over the goal of 47.88% with the inclusion of new awareness campaigns—such as AEG, Benefits of Tourism, and Workforce Development—resulting in website traffic but not additional conversions. Average bounce rate for DMOs is 55%. VGPS reached the engaged session goal and qualified session goal as a hard number but not as a rate (%) due to actual website traffic being higher than projected. Although ESR (engaged session rate) and QSR (qualified session rate) saw a slight dip, VGPS saw an increase in engaged sessions and qualified sessions when compared YOY by 6% and 3% respectively, and total partner referrals increased by 28% YOY.

Key 2022 Digital Marketing Stats

2022 Digital Marketing infographics
Digital Marketing Annual Report 20232022 Digital Marketing Annual ReportUpdated Annual Report BLOG infographic

Below are dashboards displaying digital marketing stats as of December 31, 2022. 

  • 2022 Annual Dashboard - Digital Marketing

  • 2022 Digital Marketing Creative

    What Will You Find Landing Page

    What Will You Find Landing Page with personas

    Oasis of Art Landing Page

    Oasis of Art landing page

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