Social Media 

In 2022, Visit Greater Palm Springs (VGPS) social media supported leisure marketing campaigns including Summer Travel, What Will You Find, and Oasis of Art. Other digital campaigns included Restaurant Week, Summer Eats Pass, Getaway Offers, Oasis Adventures, and signature events.

Awareness campaigns included Benefits of Tourism, Workforce Development, and Remote Work.

VGPS contracted with social media agency Sonic Gods to create engaging content aimed at driving awareness and positioning Greater Palm Springs as the summer vacation destination through the first-person perspective of three content creators.

Through 20 videos and influencer activations, VGPS was pleased to have a successful campaign resulting in over 3.25M video views and over 11.9K clicks to the summer travel landing page. On top of that, VGPS saw our Instagram following net increase by 1.2K followers with a 47.6% increase in content interaction from the previous period. 

VGPS distributed seven videos from Art & Sol artists on Instagram Reels, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. These videos followed seven local artists, and in total the series generated over 285K video views

VGPS exceeded all social media goals for @VisitGreaterPS and @dineGPS (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok) resulting in a combined 41M impressions, 7.4M video views, and 196K website clicks for the year.

VGPS distributed 100 Reels and TikToks in 2022, contributing to the impressions and video views. Year over year, VGPS increased 74% in impressions and 31% in video views compared to 2021 actuals of 20M impressions and 5M video views.

Key 2022 Social Stats

2022 Digital Marketing infographics2022 Digital Marketing infographicsSocial Media total audience annual report 2022

Below are dashboards displaying social media stats as of December 31, 2022. 

  • 2022 Annual Dashboard - Social Media

  • 2022 Social Media Creative

    What Will You Find? Persona Instagram Post


    Check in, Chill Out Summer Campaign Reel

    Oasis Adventures YouTube Series

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