Tourism is the largest industry in Greater Palm Springs, supporting 1 in 4 jobs in the region. As such a vital part of the local economy, the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau conducts ongoing research to support tourism to the destination.

Below, you can view the CVB’s latest research reports, as well as documents including our Annual Report, Sales & Marketing Plan and Destination Development Plan.

2020 GPSNEXT Executive Summary

The 2020 GPSNEXT Executive Summary includes recommendations from the CVB's original 2016 Destination Development Plan, as well as additional key components for the plan moving forward that were based on findings from the 2019 Destination NEXT study.

Click here to view the presentation deck from the 2nd annual GPSNext meeting held in March 2020.

2019 Economic Impact of Visitors in Greater Palm Springs

To quantify the economic significance of the tourism sector in Greater Palm Springs, Tourism Economics prepared this study, which shows the scope of the travel sector in 2019 in terms of direct visitor spending, as well as total economic impact, including employment, household income, and tax revenue in the broader economy.

2019 Annual Report

Every year, the CVB releases a report highlighting key stats and results within each department to summarize the organization’s overall impact to Greater Palm Springs.

2019 Sales & Marketing Plan

The 2019 Sales & Marketing Plan outlines the CVB's strategy and execution of all marketing initiatives developed through research and collaboration, including key market prioritizations and detailed strategies such as co-ops, digital campaigns and increased brand awareness.

2016 Destination Development Plan

Working with leading strategic agencies Minding Your Business and Convention, Sports & Leisure, the CVB created a Destination Development Plan in mid-2016 as a blueprint for short-term and long-term success, with goals for growing visitation and resultant jobs for all travel segments, from leisure to meetings.

2019 DestinationNEXT 

In 2019, the CVB commissioned NEXT Factor to administer a DestinationNEXT study for Greater Palm Springs. The study measured destination strength and community support for tourism development to ensure the destination and nine cities are aligned and moving in the right direction.

2018 Consumer Image Awareness Study

The CVB partnered with Strategic Marketing & Research Insights (SMARInsights) to identify consumer perceptions of the destination and what attitudes and viewpoints may have changed since the original study was conducted in 2011.

2018 Greater Palm Springs Relocation Study

The CVB collaborated with fuseResearch to develop, conduct and analyze a survey to assess the interest level among a targeted sample set in relocating to Greater Palm Springs for a preferred employment opportunity.

2018 Image & Awareness Study - Meetings

The CVB commissioned Destination Analysts to conduct a Meetings Image Study that revealed important insights on how to optimize Greater Palm Springs’ brand messaging for groups and grow our meetings market.

2017 Canadian Economic Impact Report

The CVB contracted Tourism Economics to undergo an in-depth analysis of Canadian visitor spending across various sectors, including lodging, food, retail and recreation, and its impact on the destination.

2017 Economic Impact of Tourism

To gain insight into the overall economic impact of tourism in Greater Palm Springs, the CVB contracted with Tourism Economics to undergo an in-depth analysis of visitor spending and its impact on the Coachella Valley. The CVB conducts economic research every odd year. 

2017 Economic Impact of Tourism - Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of the 2017 Economic Impact Study features the study's key results, including total visitor spending, tax revenues and tourism-supported jobs as well as the increases in these sectors since 2015.

The Economic Impact of a Proposed Hospitality Management Program

This study, prepared by Tourism Economics, analyzes the potential long-term economic benefits that the proposed hospitality management program at the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus would generate in Greater Palm Springs in terms of economic and fiscal impacts, including total economic output, labor income, jobs and taxes generated.


Salton Sea Economic Impact Study

The CVB commissioned Tourism Economics to outline the potential damage to the tourism industry of Greater Palm Springs over a five-year scenario in which the degradation of the Salton Sea continues without effective remediation.


Revitalized Salton Sea: Potential Economic Benefits

To contribute to Salton Sea planning, the CVB commissioned Tourism Economics to analyze the potential economic benefits of a hypothetical future scenario with a revitalized Salton Sea, in which short-term damage is not only mitigated, but also a concerted program succeeds in stabilizing and reviving the Salton Sea.


The Economic Impact of a Fully Utilized CSUSB Palm Desert Campus

This study, prepared by Tourism Economics, analyzes the potential economic benefits the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus master plan would generate in Greater Palm Springs in terms of economic and fiscal impacts, including total economic output, labor income, jobs and taxes generated.

Non-Primary Residences by Location of Owner

The CVB commissioned Lauren Schlau Consulting to analyze a net sample of 66,578 Greater Palm Springs properties, identified as both single family and condo properties (many in both categories with multiple owners) to determine the total number, percentage and actual ownership for the properties in the destination, as well as for each of the nine cities.


2015 Visitor Intercept Study

In October 2014, the CVB contracted Custom Intercept Solutions of Minneapolis to launch a 12-month Visitor Profile and Perceptions Study, which proved beneficial to both the CVB and its Partners as an important resource for sales and marketing planning, as well as attracting new and increased visitation.