What is this free shuttle service? The RoadRunner Shuttle bus runs throughout the Northern section of Joshua Tree National Park during the day with stops at some of the major attractions and hiking trails. Park your car and hop on the bus at the Twentynine Palms Transit Center or Oasis Visitor Center. Admission to the park is free when riding the bus.



What to bring

Since there aren't any services within the Park, be prepared and pack a bag with all the essentials:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen and protective clothing
  • Food
  • Layers
  • Camera
  • Map

What to know

  • There isn't any cell service in the park. Be sure someone knows where you're going before you enter and have a map as GPS will not work.
  • If you are planning to camp, be sure to make reservations ahead of time. Campgrounds usually fill up during the spring season.
  • Verify your route with the bus driver to confirm you are headed where you want to go.
  • Buses will only pick up and drop off at designated bus stops. Be ready at the designated spot before arrival.
  • All buses are handicap accessible and equipped with wheelchair lifts.
  • Dogs are allowed on the shuttle as long as they are in a crate and fit on your lap. There are regulations to bringing your furry friend into the Park so be aware of the pet rules before you try to bring them.
  • Each bus can carry two bicycles. If there are more than two, you may have to wait for the next pick up.

Shuttle Bus Map

Joshua Tree RoadRunner Shuttle bus route


April 2019: Available Friday - Tuesday
May 2019: The shuttle will run Friday - Sunday and Memorial Day.

The following times are approximate. Buses may be delayed by traffic.


Joshua Tree Shuttle Bus Schedule


Joshua Tree Shuttle Schedule