With dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, spas and more, it’s easy to plan your next dog-friendly vacation in Greater Palm Springs. Discover where to stay, what to do and how to chill with your four-legged friend on your next stay.


Dog Parks & Hiking

Take your pup for an outdoor adventure on a dog-friendly hike or at a local dog park...

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Pawsitively Perfect Patios for Pooches

As you plan your next outing with your four-legged friend in Greater Palm Springs,...

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Trail Tails: Dog-Friendly Hikes in Greater Palm Springs

If your dog is your best hiking buddy, you won’t want to miss a chance to...

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Dog-Friendly Hotels for a Doggone Good Vacation in Greater Palm Springs

Whether you need time to chill or simply relax under the sun, there’s no...

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Let the Dogs Out: Dog Parks in Greater Palm Springs

Where to let your pup play outdoors in the oasis.


3:03 Plan the Perfect Pet-Friendly Getaway in Greater Palm Springs

Plan the Perfect Dog-Friendly Getaway

Calling all dog lovers: Did you know that Greater Palm Springs is an oasis for pups, too? In this episode, Amy Yerrington explores all the dog-friendly places to eat, stay, and play. Bringing her four-legged friend Tucker along, she chases down the CHILLest dog-centric...

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