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Friends of the Desert Mountains

The mission of the Friends of the Desert Mountains is to preserve land, to support education, conservation and research in the Coachella Valley, and to act as the support organization for the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument.

Acquire: Since the first land acquisition more than 15 years ago, Friends has either directly acquired or played a significant partnership role in the acquisition and conservation of over 50,000 acres of land in and around the Coachella Valley.
Preserve: Friends recognizes the responsibilities that go along with property ownership. The property management and monitoring program uses staff, volunteers, technology and just plain hard work to catalog, inspect, clean when necessary, construct barriers if required to prevent future damage, and report on the status of the land.
Support: Since the establishment of the Santa Rosa and Santa Jacinto Mountains National Monument in 2000, Friends has acted as the support group for this 280,000 acre natural landmark. The support role includes working closely with partners, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, to ensure that all visitors to the area are exposed to the myriad of biological, aesthetic and cultural qualities that make this landscape so precious. There is also an active volunteer program; working with various local agencies with interests in conservation and education, Friends strives to build a greater support structure for conservation throughout the valley.
Education is at the heart of the Friends’ mission. They believe that education is key to ensuring that today’s success will be supported by tomorrow’s leaders. Friends, through grants and contributions such as yours, supports various educational programs throughout the Coachella Valley. But Friends goes beyond funding. Educational hikes, nature talks, and work with schools is offered to share the wonder of the desert. The dedicated volunteers enjoy learning and sharing their knowledge with others. Education is passion.
Conserve: Conservation is the framework on which they are built. The goals are basic: land that is acquired is set aside in perpetuity to protect its biological, cultural, scenic, and/or recreational values for present and future generations. The approach is simple; they only acquire land from willing sellers.
Research: As an active partner with the science community, Friends has the opportunity to fund, organize and participate in a variety of programs that help to enlighten and broaden the public’s understanding of the land that everyone calls home. The conservation lands are available for use by researchers, providing opportunities to share these natural classrooms with partners to pursue conservation, natural science and cultural studies.

Project Availability: Projects are available throughout the year.

Service Opportunities: Project or activity

Volunteer Responsibilities: Lead a group of volunteers on projects (e.g., pulling weeds, cleaning up garbage, etc.)

Attire: Hiking boots, long sleeves, long pants, hats, gloves.

F&B Provided for Volunteers: Yes

Project Coordinator/Facilitator Provided: Yes

Option to Move Project to a Different Location: No

Meeting Facilities
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Standard Amenities
Community Service
  • Type of Service Environment
  • Duration of Project 1 - 4 Hours
  • Number of Participants Fewer than 50
51500 Highway 74
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