Resources & Training

Did you know that Greater Palm Springs was a favorite retreat for Albert Einstein, who could often be found meditating on a hillside bench at what is now The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn? Or that Greater Palm Springs is home to more than 50,000 swimming pools? In fact, it has more pools per capita than anywhere else in the country.

The Oasis is a treasure trove of facts, trivia, and legends that make it a fascinating destination to rediscover time after time. The best way to really understand the area is to experience it firsthand.

Even if you can’t get away, the Travel Industry Sales staff has a number of training and education opportunities that will have you selling the Oasis like a seasoned professional.

A first step in becoming acquainted with the Oasis is by perusing our selection of travel brochures, guides, and maps. See a complete list of digital Greater Palm Springs travel publications and request guides be sent to you.

Travel Agent Certification Program

We currently feature two online training programs through Brand USA and Visit California:

If you’d like to be kept updated about this program, please email us at

FAM Tours

Travel Industry Sales department organizes FAMS and site inspections every year. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a comprehensive itinerary that closely fits your needs while also presenting the best of our destination. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting the destination.

Travel Professional Appreciation Month

Every October, the hospitality industry in Greater Palm Springs comes together to celebrate Travel Professional Appreciation Month. 

In order to encourage travel professionals to visit Greater Palm Springs and experience the destination first hand, Visit GPS promotes exclusive complimentary offers and special discounts from our partners so travel professionals can enjoy exclusive deals at area activities, accommodations, attractions, car rentals, dining, and shopping.