Artistry thrives in every nook and cranny of Greater Palm Springs, creating a dynamic tapestry of creativity that captivates visitors and locals alike. Embark on a journey through this veritable oasis of artistic expression, where every corner tells a story and every brushstroke whispers of passion and innovation.

Discover the boundless creativity that adorns the streets of this SoCal oasis with a captivating mural tour. Whether you prefer the convenience of a virtual exploration or the immersive experience of an in-person adventure, the choice is yours. Dive into an art oasis from the comfort of your home using Google Earth, allowing you to traverse the vibrant streets and alleyways adorned with breathtaking murals at your own pace.

Craft your art itinerary, selecting from a myriad of captivating murals that span styles and themes, from abstract expressions to vivid cultural narratives. Each mural is a testament to the rich artistic heritage of Greater Palm Springs, offering a glimpse into the soul of the community and the boundless creativity that flourishes within its borders.

As you explore, allow yourself to be swept away by the beauty and ingenuity that surrounds you. So, whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious traveler seeking inspiration, don't miss the opportunity to explore the vibrant art scene of Greater Palm Springs. Uncover the hidden treasures that await around every corner and let your imagination soar amidst this thriving Oasis of Art.

Art & Sol

Exploring the Murals of Greater Palm Springs

From historic downtowns to local shops and attractions, public murals have a way of making art feel accessible to everyone. Meet John Cuevas and Carlos Ramirez, as they share some of the inspiration behind their own captivating works.

Here is a preview of what you may find on the art trail in Greater Palm Springs. 

Moving Towards the Future

45102 Smurr St. Indio, CA

Colette Miller Wings 

The Rowan Palm Springs, 100 W. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs

What Lifts You, Cathedral City

36850 Pickfair St, Cathedral City, CA 92234​

What Lifts You, Coachella

36850 Pickfair St, Cathedral City, CA 92234​

Anonymous Farm Worker 

898 Vine Ave, Coachella, CA