Desert X

Desert X was on display from March 4 - May 7, 2023. Offering a celebrated arts and culture scene, Greater Palm Springs draws visitors from around the globe. Desert X, a free biennial outdoor art exhibit comprising site-specific installations, has become one of the biggest reoccurring events in the destination, welcoming art lovers and culture connoisseurs to discover amazing, visual works in unexpected places.

An Oasis of Art

Discover an oasis of art

Discover an oasis of art and culture in Greater Palm Springs! Our artsGPS app makes public art, exhibitions, and art-related events easy to find.

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Desert X History

Desert X works by both established and emerging artists explore topics such as climate change, immigration, and the environment. Highlights from the first three installments (20172019 and 2021) range from dazzling mirror displays and larger-than-life optical illusions to augmented reality installations, experiential sculptures, and vibrant wall murals. And with over a dozen works displayed throughout Greater Palm Springs, from Desert Hot Springs in the west to the Salton Sea in the east, many visitors make a weekend out of it, exploring local restaurantsevents, and things to do along the way.

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