It’s one thing to read about all of the amazing attractions in Greater Palm Springs; it’s another thing to see it live and in action. Our original video series fulfill every traveler’s wanderlust and offer a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most unique and unforgettable experiences in this Southern California oasis.


An Oasis of Art: From Murals to Music

Join us as we dive into the public art and entertainment scene of Greater Palm Springs, where the landscape serves as both canvas and inspiration for these local artists and art advocates.

13:30 Oasis Adventures by Visit Greater Palm Springs | Chase and Danielle: "Everything New”

Chase and Danielle: "Everything New”

With only 24 hours to curate the perfect itinerary, it’s a whirlwind sprint through “Everything New” for Chase and Danielle Garland. Having no idea what they are in for, this young and energetic married couple is set up for an Oasis Adventure in...

3:27 Your Guide to Packing for a Vacation to Greater Palm Springs

Your Guide to Packing in Greater Palm Springs

Are you ready for a trip to Greater Palm Springs? Packing the right items is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in the Southern California oasis. Here's a guide to packing for Greater Palm Springs.

:30 High-Speed Thrills at BMW Performance Center in Thermal

High-Speed Thrills at BMW Performance Center in Thermal

Rev your engines on the racetrack at the BMW Performance Center in Thermal. When it comes to things to do in Greater Palm Springs, there’s nothing more thrilling than putting the pedal to the metal behind the wheel of a high-performance BMW. Can you keep up?

2:03 Enjoy a taste of the classics at Morgan's in the Desert

Morgan's in the Desert

Spice it up at Morgan's in the Desert, where they craft their Signature Old Fashioned with rye instead of bourbon, and where pure, classic ingredients are the order of the day. Bartender Brian Dewberry shares why locals and visitors alike keep coming back to this...

3:57 Explore the Palm Oases ~ Wander List

Explore the Palm Oases

In the shadows of towering mountains, tucked discreetly in uncommon corners and scattered like scarce jewels across barren dunes, sit some of the deserts most incredible assets, palm oases. Large clusters of desert fan palms can be found throughout Greater Palm Springs...

2:27 An Oasis of Art & Sol

An Oasis of Art & Sol

Art & Sol is a video series that uncovers the destination’s rich arts and culture scene through the eyes of the very people who help create it. You'll hear the stories of seven artists, designers, and performers who call Greater Palm Springs home and learn...