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Oasis Of Art

Greater Palm Springs is alive with art - in all its forms. From world-famous concerts and festivals to modern museums and public art installations to theater productions and live entertainment, the destination’s vibrant arts and culture scene buzzes with unique experiences. Make your next visit to our oasis of art an absolute masterpiece with the artsGPS app.

Discover an oasis of art

Discover an oasis of art and culture in Greater Palm Springs! Our artsGPS app makes public art, exhibitions, and art-related events easy to find.

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Explore new, creative dimensions and visual inspiration at museums in Greater Palm Springs.

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:29 Arts and Culture in Greater Palm Springs

Arts and Culture in Greater Palm Springs

Immerse yourself in the arts and culture scene. Discover an oasis of art in Greater Palm Springs.

2:27 An Oasis of Art & Sol

An Oasis of Art & Sol

Art & Sol is a video series that uncovers the destination’s rich arts and culture scene through the eyes of the very people who help create it. You'll hear the stories of seven artists, designers, and performers who call Greater Palm Springs home and learn...


Known for its celebrated arts and culture scene, Greater Palm Springs offers visitors a chance to explore new, creative dimensions and visual inspiration at its many museums. The Palm Springs Art Museum, located in downtown Palm Springs near several boutique and upscale hotels, features three floors of painting, photography, sculpture and other media, as well as an on-site theater and bistro.

The museum’s Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion, a few blocks away, is equally inspiring. Other standouts, such as the Palm Springs Air MuseumSunnylands Center & Gardens, the Coachella Valley History Museum and Cabot’s Pueblo Museum, showcase everything from vintage World War II aircraft and historical archives to Native American artifacts.

It’s easy to spend a day—or two—discovering the destination’s diverse collections. Don’t miss our 48-hour guide to an artsy weekend in Greater Palm Springs, which hits many of the museum highlights.

Explore the Murals

Art is alive on every corner in Greater Palm Springs.

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Modern Muse

Step back in time while exploring the destination’s treasure trove of midcentury modern architecture and design. Greater Palm Springs is home to some of the most iconic buildings designed by renowned architects like Albert Frey, Donald Wexler, John Lautner, and E. Stewart Williams.  

You can experience midcentury modernism through guided architecture tours, at the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, or during Modernism Week, a multi-day celebration featuring home tours, informative talks, and nightly parties.  

See Stunning Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Fun & fascinating guided tours in your own car from Modern Tours Palm Springs

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An inside look at Desert Modernism in Greater Palm Springs

Greater Palm Springs is known internationally midcentury modernism.

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