Find Your Sustainable Oasis

Visitors come to Greater Palm Springs from all over the world to experience some of the planet’s most striking natural wonders: lush palm groves nestled amid rocky gorges, crystal-clear waterfalls gushing from ancient canyons, pine-spotted mountain peaks rising above sandy washes. But how we travel is just as important as why we travel, and Greater Palm Springs offers plenty of ways for visitors to enjoy the destination sustainably.

Stay at an eco-friendly resort or hotel like Two Bunch Palms (which has its own solar farm!). Dine at farm-to-table restaurants or shop at local farmers markets. Visit attractions that actively work to preserve habitats and restore plant and animal populations, such as The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens. You can even connect with the area's history and culture during a ranger-led hike in the Indian Canyons. Together, destinations and travelers can make sustainability and cultural preservation a priority and help safeguard our wide-open spaces and natural resources so they remain accessible for generations to come.

Travel Kindly to Greater Palm Springs

Travel with all your heart by giving back the next time you visit this SoCal oasis.

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Planning a sustainable Greater Palm Springs itinerary? Here’s some eco-inspiration for your next trip.

Find Your Sustainable Oasis

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Your Guide to a Sustainable Trip

Greater Palm Springs is a popular travel destination, known for its warm weather, outdoor activities, and luxurious resorts. But did you know that it's also a great place to take an eco-friendly trip? Here's a guide to help you plan an eco-friendly trip in Greater Palm Springs, featuring sustainable hotels, local farmers markets, outdoor activities, and more.



Vintage Finds

Greater Palm Springs is a vintage shopping mecca, brimming with unique thrift stores and second-hand shops that offer a sustainable alternative to buying new items with harmful production methods that contribute to waste production and carbon emissions.

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The Palm Springs Convention Center is continually focused on how their events are impacting the community and the environment, whether it’s partnering with the city’s recycling program or enacting their own practices to help reduce their carbon footprint.

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