Culture Connoisseur

You’re inspired by the world around you and love to immerse yourself in a place’s culture and traditions. In your eyes, a craft cocktail made with fresh ingredients and fizzing with color is just as much of a masterpiece as any work of art hanging on a museum wall — and you’ll gladly enjoy both.

Your Culture Connoisseur Itinerary

  1. Grab a homemade pop tart at Wilma & Frieda 
  2. Find inspiration at the Palm Springs Art Museum 
  3. Take a photo with Isabelle and Marilyn 
  4. Walk the gardens at Sunnylands 
  5. Spend the afternoon exploring Cabot’s Pueblo Museum 
  6. Enjoy dinner at The Gardens on El Paseo 
  7. Stroll through the El Paseo Art Walk (art sculpture)

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