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Enlightened Traveler

You believe enlightenment is bliss and love to travel with an open heart and mind — places with spiritual power and energy have a top spot on your bucket list. If a laid-back spa or pool day doesn’t do the trick, you’ll find inspiration while exploring an area’s local art and music scene (or even indulging in a little retail therapy).

Your Enlightened Traveler Itinerary

  1. Balance mind and body during yoga under the palms at Power Yoga Palm Springs
  2. Relax poolside 
  3. Take a nature walk & meditate at Sunnylands Canter & Gardens
  4. Refuel with healthy eats at Native Foods Café 
  5. Soak in natural hot springs in Desert Hot Springs 
  6. Find zen on the East Indio Hills Badlands trail 

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Jun. 04 Indio Certified Farmer's Market

Indio Certified Farmer's Market

Jun. 04, 2023

City of Indio

Jun. 04 La Quinta Certified Farmer's Market

La Quinta Certified Farmer's Market

Jun. 04, 2023

Old Town La Quinta

Jun. 04 Palm Desert Certified Farmers' Market

Palm Desert Certified Farmers' Market

Jun. 04, 2023

Certified Farmers' Market - Palm Desert

Jun. 08 Indian Wells Certified Farmer's Market

Indian Wells Certified Farmer's Market

Jun. 08, 2023

SouthWest Community Church

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